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At first, I have not heard about g+ (Google Plus) and the very first social network I have joined before is Facebook.

Signing in for a G-mail account gives everyone access to Google Plus since Google has this "one account for all accounts"  - Youtube, Blogger, and G-mail are all Google's property.  You are instantly given privilege to edit an automatically existing g+ account that is why I learned it.  I am curious about the little icons at the top of my g-mail account seeing the g+ button wonder what is it for. 
Simultaneously, I learned about Google Blogger and that is just December last year. Remembering my very first post, it is on the 14th. Having a Google Publisher ID since 2010 and have not had the chance to use it, I am excited to build my very own blog site for FREE.

G+ for me as I have used fb before seemed more social - because it is not too personal.  And the advantage is that you get to have chance to meet other people from all over the world seeing their posts even they are not your friends at all whilst in fb, you are limited to your friends in the "real world".  That is why blog sites has greater chances of reaching potential market. Your posts too are shown worlwide, if you are promoting something, G+ is the best venue.

The posts in g+ are mostly nice photos and  videos people all over the globe wanted to share to the public, coupled with not too personal statements. Unlike in fb, thoughts are posted  in the timeline even sometimes personal problems and situation of the account owner  maybe because you are well-aware that ONLY your friends are allowed to see your posts. I am thinking this is maybe a disadvantage because you will never have the chance to spill-out what is truly on your mind and heart and be consoled or relieved.  In reality, in g+ you are diverted to socializing with other people forgetting about your problems for a while when you see some nice photos or videos they have uploaded. Whoever you are, you can comment and plus a post - just hit the g+ (you are signed in to g-mail to do this) button on every posts you like. This is all my knowledge about G+ for more than just a month of having the account.

Another important NOTE about g+ is that you can find people of the same interest with you because you can join Communities created by users and you too can create your it not great, meeting people that you shared something in common and learn ideas and a lot from them example writing communities, Google publishing, moms community and a lot more..

What more?  Google Plus give us 8 GB of cloud storage for FREE, it can be found on your g-mail account.  

You can comment, or add more information for my readers to see and understand more about g+. Your comments will be deeply appreciated.

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