To Trust or Not to Trust a Social Media Account

There  had been cases of cheating on Social Media – what is very alarming is the one aired  in Imbestigador – a grade 11 student who ended-up gang-raped and murdered (Jan7) in Trece Martirez, Cavite.

Ways to find out if the social media account is in good faith:

On Twitter:
- check the joining date (if it is not that long existing, be careful). Sometimes, there are really twitter newbies better observe it for months, the tweets and followers, before following back. 

- check the followers. If it is followed by many reliable people, trust your guts. 

- check the owner’s tweets. What kind of tweets he/she shares – the links, rude people share porn videos and nude photos or even enticing links that can hack your account.  Do not open the link on your social, right click, copy and paste the link address on a NEW TAB on your browser.

-specially for companies offering jobs, the followers and the tweets are related to the services or products they offer.  Real companies maintain premium account (with blue check) with more than a hundred followers and tweets. 

- for celebrities, frequently watching the news can bring you to their REAL account.  Celebrity scoops and updates show their account icons/images and username.

- another BEST way to find out if the Twitter account is owned by that person on its profile photo is the one I learned from the celebrity Aicelle Santos and boyfriend reporter Mark Zambrano while watching their interview on Tonight with Arnold Clavio (TWAK):

Ask him/her to upload photo of a pose you require – in their case, Aicelle asked Mark to put his finger inside (?) his nose, if I'm not mistaken (I watched them on TWAC). He instantly responded. Voila! She found out it is really him who messaged her.

(Photo pose that is impossible or very unusual to see on www, because if the image he used is just stolen – and the real owner is fond of posting a lot of photos, there might be a chance he can fish-out a picture of your request from that of the account he had pretended to be if he happens to hack it).

For job seekers:
- NO legitimate company will ask for money UNLESS they are bankrupt and non-existing, BOGUS or fake.

- Real Companies, entertain applicants in their office for an interview and IQ or psychological exams.


The account page shows many LIKES. Check the posts too. And the BEST measure would be is NOT ACCEPTING friend requests from unknown persons.

Have a safe day ahead.
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