For the Country or for the Party?!

A group of topnotched lawyers and a college professor plans to file an impeachment case for the second topmost position in the Philippine government – the VP post –Leni Robredo.

In the past few months of Duterte administration, the VP has not been that supportive to the President.  VP Robredo may have fueled the international community’s suspicion that  violation of human rights had been prevalent even allegedly implying that the Duterte administration is behind all the killings (around 7000 – this record includes even domestic incidents and other cases not related to DRUGS, in FACT there is just around  2000+ comprising the number of victims in the aftermath of ‘War on Drugs’ compared to the millions of surrenderees.

To reiterate, as written on my article ‘The Philippines’ War on Drugs’ and Bilibid Drug Trade – the victims falling dead could not and must not be all attributed to legitimate police operations, especially those that were perpetrated by unscrupulous policemen who were also involved in the Drug Trade. The administration put a halt on the operations headed by the Philippine National Police to make way for the DECONTAMINATION-ridding the PNP of its rotten roster delegating the task to PDEA (Phil. Drug Enforcement Agency) at the moment.  There are policemen under investigation and some were on trial for the suspicious death circumstances of some arrested drug personalities or for the illegitimate operations done. Best example is the murder of Albuera, Leyte Mayor Espinosa – who was gunned-down in the jail premise.  Police Superintendent Marvin Marcos together with more than a dozen policemen had been found guilty of the crime, to silence Espinosa of their alleged illegal activities.

We have to give the administration the benefit of the doubt – Robredo and all the others had been blind of the fact that the PNP may be stained and that the mind of every policemen is not on  the administration’s hands.  The shortcoming of the admin is launching the Drug Campaign without full knowledge of its extent – the President has been vocal of his astonishment in his discovery that the contamination is this worse that even high-ranking government, local government officials and generals are within the bracket of the disturbance.

Is it not VP’s haphazard comments might has also triggered the demand from the international community to FREE Senator De Lima from prison – instilling wrong notions about her arrest.  De Lima is charged with her HUGE involvement in the Drug trade as well as alleged Bribery consequent to it.  Her self-confessed involvement with Ronnie Dayan only proves what President Duterte’s intelligence gathering reliable.  We do not care about her love life, what matters is the thin line that links her (due to her former gov’t. post as DOJ Secretary) to the  participation of Dayan.

It shows VP has MAYBE sworn her loyalty to Liberal Party – that if we are going to analyze had been the great opposition to the administration.  Party system is maybe behind the robotic views  of its member on a particular issue – they need to always agree on one position to uphold in an issue, am I right? They may not have the ability to stand on each own opinion as MAYBE  bargain for the machineries on the election?! Public officials are MAYBE losing objectivity.

The Philippines is deprived of the millions of dollars grant from Millennium Challenge Fund because the benefactor believe the 2nd highest public official's opinion on the Human Rights' issue. It could have been funding useful projects or infrastructures for the common good of the people. 

Secretary of Tourism Ms. Wanda Teo is also complaining about VP's unnecessary and unverified comments on EJK etc. - it may affect Tourism if what she indirectly implies on her video is the country shows unsafe surroundings. 

Again, it is an INSULT to other government officials especially the Congress - it indirectly IMPLIES that they are all SILENT if this is REALLY HAPPENING in the country. Are these people nuts? All of them professionals and mostly LAWYERS.

UN and EU think twice, please.
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