Transparent Screen Android App

Hi everyone! I have discovered a new HELPFUL app again.  It is the transparent screen application.

Possible uses:

1. You will not fall in the open man-holes while texting important messages on your way somewhere (although I do not really recommend, texting while walking on the streets - just use it in secure places- at home while you are moving from one part of the house to another or inside your residence compound).  No bumping, stepping on dog stool etc.

2. For employers who wanted to observe workers, pretend texting. For teenagers who wanted to look at their "crushes" without them noticing - this is an exciting app.  Looks like texting but just looking.

3. Easy tap for saving battery mode, for taking pictures

4. Among the same apps there in GPlay, this has the most positive reviews from users. Others consume too much battery..

Here is the link for the app:

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