Android App Link : Do You Want a "Look Famous" Photo Frame?

Hi, I found this android phone app CERTIFIED nice!  I wanted to share it with you.  You can put photo on the frames and make it your phone, PC, laptop , or social network background..or you can share to friends who love to share photos on Instagram, G+ or fb...

You can re-size your photo that automatically uploads to the screen (after you choose the frame you like) if it is larger, just touch the photo inside to narrow or expand it using finger gestures.

This is so exciting, you get to look like a celebrity without the fame :) If you like the application, get the link below.  Please do not forget to plus, share, tweet or tell your friends to drop by my blog to help them find it and read the above important details..thank you so much for dropping by...

My daughter Angel Reign

My younger child Riana Ysobel

Me on a "building billboard"

Our pet Whisker

Here is the app link:

Hoarding Photo Frames @

Come back for more..comments about this post are welcome :) See other app suggestions I found useful Full-charging Alarm App or Life Saver App

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