Enjoying FDLS Mag on Your Mobile Phones Tip

I viewed this website on a mobile phone and found out that yes it is responsive - the site fits to the phone, tablets' screen perfectly but the 'PAGE CATEGORIES'  and the 'OTHER TOPICS' navigation tools do not show-up. I highly recommend it be viewed on WEB VERSION - the button is located at the bottom of the post/posts - just click an the whole page with the complete details appear. You can now select the topics you wanted to read about. 

There are a lot more post on every page category only 10 posts are shown on a page. Click older posts at the bottom of the last post (means if a page contains 100 posts - 10 pages are available for viewing).

Enjoy reading. As soon as I have remedied my internet connection at home, I only have 2G signal- I will be updating posts daily. I got to try a signal booster.

To plus a post you must login to your Gmail or other Google accounts.

Thanks for bearing with me and following :) 
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Creative Commons License
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