MUST-know Abbreviations

We seldom read and see these most commonly-used abbreviations and we just get accustomed to what response we should give or at a first glance we really do not have any idea at all.  I hope this simple reminder and lesson will somehow  help you out friends and be confident enough to give a reply or comment.

FYI     =          For Your Information - spelled-out 
                        Seen on bulletin boards of companies, organizations to post updates of all sort.

RSVP =          Reponse s’il vous plait (French sentence, ‘response please’ in English)

Commonly used in printed invitation cards where the celebrator wishes to get a reply if the guest can come or not (made for the purpose of seat allocation/reservation for package catered events), that is why a phone number is provided opposite ‘RSVP’ tag to call for a response.

OC      =          stands for ‘obsessive-compulsive’
                        Habitually obsessed of doing something like constantly washing hands etc.

OA      =          stands for ‘over-acting’
                        Hysterical or acting more than the situation needs. 
Overkill/too much reaction .

e.g.      =          Latin (stands for ‘exempli gratia’)
                         for the sake of example /such as/ for example ­- translated in English Language

                        Reference: Random House Webster’s College Dictionary

i.e.       =          Latin abbreviation (id est)
                        ‘that is’ in English translation

                        Reference: Random House Webster’s College Dictionary

etc.      =          short for etcetera
                        plus a lot more or ‘at iba pa’ in Tagalog/Filipino

et al.    =          Latin (et alii masculine plural form/et alia neuter plural)
                        May mean  ‘and others’ and ‘and elsewhere’ (et alibi)

                        Reference: Random House Webster’s College Dictionary

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