'Confusing Words' Hacks

Here are three pairs of words we sometimes interchanged when writing sentences. 

 - denotes ownership or possession, always precedes/come before a noun.

your car (you own the car)
your attaché case (you own the attaché case)
- your grandchild
- your company

- abridged words ‘you are’, used in informal writing and speaking.

-You’re welcome! (You are welcome)
-You’re invited! (You are invited)
-You’re amazing! (You are amazing)


-A part of a thing or animal.  Anything owned by an animal or thing.

- the cat and its whiskers (means the whiskers belong to the cat)
- the dog and its kennel (means the kennel is owned by the dog)
- the bag and its strap (the strap is a part of the bag)
-the car and its registration (the registration belongs to the car)
- the book and its author (the author who wrote the book being referred to)

-contracted words (it+ is), replacing ‘i’ from ‘is’ with an apostrophe () . Commonly used to start an informal introduction of something.

-It’s a wonderful journey.
-It’s a deal.
-It’s eight o’clock
-It’s nice to have you here.


- possessive pronoun
  denotes/shows ownership and possession
- something that belongs to two or more persons/animals

- The players have their lockers in the Philippine Sports Center.
- The members of the church perform their duties every worship service.

- contracted word (they + are), omitting ‘a’ from the auxiliary verb ‘are’ and replacing it with an apostrophe (). Informal speech and writing.

- They’re all ready for the ‘Buklod Night’.
- They’re inspecting the construction of barangay chapel in Limasawa.
­- The Kadiwa officers said they’re willing to spend free time to 

I hope you will never get confused of using those words above again.  Thanks for reading, don't forget to give it a plus if this post has helped you understand the ways of 'shortened words' and re-share this post on your favorite social sites.
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