Writing an Authorization Letter

From time to time there are inevitable situations that we can not personally go out to fetch some important documents we needed. We choose to delegate the task to our close friend or relative, for that -to save time and effort or make sure that the acquisition could be accomplished, one needs to bring an Authorization Letter for his transaction to be honored in case the real document owner will not be present during the application process. Here is a help, I made you a sample:


            I hereby authorize the bearer, JUAN R. DELA CRUZ, to act on my behalf with regards to the application and pick-up of an authenticated copy of my Birth Certificate with details as follow:

                 Name :            Angel Ysobel Rozul Padilla
                 Birth Date:      July 04, 1996                
                 Birth Place:     DasmariƱas, Cavite
                 Parents:          Susana Guzman Rozul
                                        Servando Roman Padilla

          I do hope that you will give him the due attention and thank you very much in advance.

               Signed this 12th day of November 2015, City of Makati, Metro Manila.


                                                                              Angel Ysobel R. Padilla

Specimen signature of the bearer:

Juan R.  dela  Cruz 

The highlighted parts of the letter MUST BE REPLACED according to your needs and of course your personal information.

The bearer (Juan dela Cruz) of this document must bring an original valid ID of the person being transacted for (Angel Ysobel Padilla) and his own ID too.  Make sure that the signatures appearing on the IDs are that of the signatures in this authorization letter(AL).  There are people who uses different signatures or decide to change the older ones. So be sure to compare the IDs and the AL.

It will also help to have a photocopy of the IDs combined in a single paper in case the office will ask to attach, you will be saved from the trouble of leaving the line and looking for a nearby copier shop;  saves a lot of time too.

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