How to Fold Undies Neatly

Organizing your children's underwear drawers by category will be a lot neater if folded neatly.  One of the hardest to fold are panties. I learned this technique from my mom (the credit is hers) and I wanted to share it to those who do not know how to do it yet.  

This is the folded underwear (to show the front design print,
it must be folded with its back laying down on the surface)

Here is how you do it.

1.  Lay the underwear on a flat surface.

2. Fold-in  the "wing sides" to meet in the center/middle like how it is shown below.

3. Take the bottom part to meet the top part and tuck the bottom  inside the upper layer of the folded waist-garter from the top part. (This is easier using both hands, I'm holding the cam on my other hand here)

Voila! It is that easy! It is done.

You can do it on its back or front side and this is how it looks like when finished. The resulting fold will reveal the  opposite side; like when it is folded in front side, the back will be on top after folding.

As for me, I fold Angel Reign's (my 9yrs. old) undies with the front side facing and Riana Ysobel's (my 6yrs. old) the back side facing, that way they will not be interchanged while folding and you would not have to waste time segregating. You can place it separately after folding for each child.

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