Kids' Classic Fashion: Capri Pants and Long Shirt

My daughter Riana who's only four years old in this photo, is wearing a denim-style semi-cotton/elastic pants and a long medium-tight shirt to cover her behind and a pink rubber shoes:

My Daughter Riana: Casual "Mall Strolling Look"
(See the hairband and shoes and tights "match")

This hat matches the colors in her shoes and pants :)
This look NEVER runs out-of-trend.  Classic. And the lightness of the pants' materials gives comfort while strolling in the mall or taking kiddie rides.  And what more? The pants is very easy to pull-down for peeing time.

Might as well look good in your kids :) Nice on photos too...

Mom Tips:

1. Pair "contrasting" colors if it is not really bought with a pair.

If the colors are both "dark", it would look dull nor if they are both "lighter shade".  Like on the "match" ("terno" in Tagalog) above, the pants is dark blue/denim blue and the blouse is light shade instead of black is gray-lighter shade.

2. Choose hairband and accessories with a "little color" of the get-up to complement the attire.  Even the shoes can blend too :)

See the pics above, the hairband or the hat as well as the rubber shoes.

3. Do not put accessories like necklace IF the blouse is printed it may overdo the looks, wristbands or colorful bracelets will do some magic too.

I hope I have inspired you with this simple kids' fashion tips, from simple mom, Angie :)  Please plus, like, re-share or tweet if you like what you have seen and read. Come back for more of these, I will add "FashionGirls" TAB on my site's pages..thanks for reading. Please follow Family, Daily Living & Style G+ Page

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