International Women's Day: A Tribute to Women of Today

Women are NO longer "ornaments" that adorn the corners of every home. They have played a more vital role in the society today with their inventions, convictions and decisions they made. 

I salute every woman who strive to make a difference and look at herself no different from a man on abilities and skills.

Today, 8th of March (Philippine Time) is the "International Women's Day". Woman, whether you are a grandmother, a mother, a friend, girlfriend, sister, fiance, widow, as long as you have "womb" , you are a woman indeed!


Let us celebrate "International Women's Day" by appreciating, loving and caring for the women in our lives and by recognizing women's contribution in all aspects of living, be it political, social or economically or even in personal basis.  Your flowers are "MOST WANTED" especially that the "special women" (mother, wife etc.) of your life still can smell them.  Frankly, it does not mean to her (just to other people) when you do this in her grave-she can not smell or appreciate that beautiful flowers anymore...

The woman of today is more empowered especially in my country, unlike before women just do the chores at home waiting for their husbands to arrive home from work and just tending for the family not even allowed to vote during elections-the right to suffrage is now shared by both genders in my country.

Nowadays, women's importance is put to light in the society - in the Police Headquarters , we can now see a "Women's Desk" wherein the officer is a woman too- this is somehow a step towards understanding the feelings and considering the welfare of women.  Women senators are part of the legislative body of the government as well as in LGU's (Local Gov't. Units), I have known women who are now Mayors and even in the provincial posts - Governess. We can never forget a woman that sent the Philippines in the records of World History - the first woman president of the Philippines, Corazon C. Aquino and the woman behind PEACEFUL EDSA Revolution.  And the latest of these unending accomplishments, is the two women from my country (Minerva RaƱeses and Jaymee del Rosario) who are running to be one of the first human to set foot on the planet Mars in a project by a Dutch non-profit organization - chosen among 200,000 candidates.

Internationally, in Argentina it is Eva Duarte Peron is famous for her contribution in helping the masses (Biography) . The ever-famous and most photographed for her beauty Princess Diana Spencer of  United Kingdom, remains a special memory in our hearts most especially to those who are personally touched by her kindness and humility-she is celebrated all over the world for her Charity Works.

Some Other Famous Women:

1. Mary Anderson
 How can we drive on stormy weather or even just in rainy days had not Anderson invented the windshield wiper?  Yes, a woman invented it.

2. Patricia Billings
Fire-proof and Non-toxic building Materials "Geobond".

3. Ruth Handler
Barbie doll inventor, the doll that never lose its fame.

4. Rachel Zimmerman
Software that enable non-speaking people to communicate

5. Emily Dickinson
Helped us start modern poetry. Know More About Dickinson

And for us and to our mothers who have chosen or decided to level-up with the men's stuff like working for a living or just helping the husbands augment the family's income, we are the modern women who will never stop evolving to become BIG players in the family and society today.

Let us not forget that the world continue to exist with its human inhabitants because of propagation that is not possible without the "womb/uterus" a man does not have. That is the noblest role we have contributed to human existence.

Long live to us! "Happy Women's Day to all".

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