Warming Rice in a Rice Cooker

Before, I get trouble washing the rice cooker pot because of toasted rice sticking stubbornly inside.  I had to submerge the pot in water for longer time to soften it for me to be able to wash it thoroughly. Besides, heating the rice on a pan, you will need to use oil unless you have a stoneware or other nonstick pan - not so healthy and if fried with garlic does not go well with soupy dishes unlike the steamed.

I have found a way of re-heating the steamed rice maybe  NOT totally avoiding but minimizing it.  I got the idea from the Korean Novel "Baker King".

In the film, bread are experimentally baked. Bread baked without moisture is hard and not pleasant to eat,  a way to cook it better  is taught.  I thought of applying it to rice and it worked:)

Here is how: 

# 1. Smash the rice into smaller lumps.  Be sure that you reached the bottom and have crushed the whole pot content.

#2 Then, get a small cup or tiny bowl. Put 1/3 water in it.  Then place it on the middle of the pot. Cover then press cook.  Wait a few minutes. 

You will never toast the bottom that much with this method.  Try it at home and you will see:) I hope this helps.

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