Lesson II : Confusing Plural Form of Some Nouns

There are still few nouns that are a little confusing when changed to their plural form.  These are some that I remember:

                                            Ox =  is NOT oxes 

The correct plural form is OXEN. 

With "-en" as the suffix added. Although most of nouns ending in "x" are forming their plural by just adding "-es", ox is an exception.

Hyphenated noun:

 brother-in-law  =  it is NOT brother-in-laws

If we wanted to mean two or more "brother-in-law", the correct form should be:


Just as we do not refer to the "law" as plural, we are referring to "brother" more than one. Literal explanation.  Same is true with "attorney-at-law", "sister-in-law":


I will be updating this post from time to time as I encounter similar confusing plural form of nouns.

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