Accessorize and Feel Glamorous

Women can bring fashion sense to the next level by learning to accessorize. Accessories need not be that expensive, the design counts a lot, what it adds is not just the literal "ring", "bracelet", "necklace" or "brooch" - but an over-all impact of glamour, an elegance.

Here are some tips to consider in choosing accessories:

1. Pick unique ones, one-of-a-kind or not just seen or sold just anywhere.

This necklace is just a gift from my friend Roanna Cruz. I love this necklace so much not just because it has a sentimental value coming from a dear friend - this is very elegant. Made from a sea shell-Capiz (Windowpane Oyster), I seldom see accessories made from one that is making it special too. 

Capiz shell necklace

Your pick can be made  from any other different material like a necklace made from a genuine leather strap with a gem pendant or just a plain yarn string etc.

Sunday dress with the necklace...

Another present from a friend who had visited
 Thailand and bought the necklace for me.
It is like from a "tribe" and it is hand-painted,
hand-crafted wooden beads - it is absolutely

A pair of  earrings I bought from a  "Producers' Bazaar" :

I like the earrings, I wore it when we are in Tagaytay.   Feeling like a real tourist, I wanted to show my love of indigenous material pieces. It echoes simple elegance. Its uniqueness is a statement by itself.  

A vintage ribbon necklace

2. Try vintage jewelries, they create exuding classy aura.  Vintage itself is classic, never runs out-of- trend. I pair this metal necklace with  a Sunday Dress. This usually goes with a plain simple dress/blouse. It can also be worn with a white a polo-blouse. Do not wear it with raffle blouse or dress it may overdo the attire.

3. Pick colors that range from brown, black for more use - they go with a lot of dress colors.

However, you can also pick colorful gemstones in a single necklace can match any dress in one color...I prefer those that have white when the gems are flat, with black combination is better. Do not accessorize if your clothes need not. I mean, accessories for me are "accent" to your clothing it is overdone when paired with a very stylish-cut dress. Especially when colors clashed, a plain style- monochromatic accessory would best pair a clothing  in more than two colors.

4. Pearls are good pick too. Pearls are not "restricted" to any mood. Formal, classy-rugged  You can wear it with jeans and polo-blouse, skirt, dress or even cocktail dresses.

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