Uninterrupted Service to Our Creator

Why Iglesia ni Cristo Members are Unstoppable in the Service of God?

The sight of brethrens/locales holding worship services inside a flooded chapel in Bulacan; the brethrens in the US unhindered by frozen streets and freezing weather walking far on their way to the chapel (as if nothing is wrong with the surroundings although news seen on tv says that it is unsafe to walk around) and a lot more calamity setbacks - are truly evidences of remarkable faith in our Lord God. People from different religions wonder why we, Church of Christ members, value our church membership that way.

It is because we FIRMLY BELIEVE of our divine election. I have learned from the teachings of God’s true messenger that outside the ‘Church of Christ’ (Iglesia ni Cristo) there is NO salvation. Why is that? Aside from the fact that every Christ’s follower is aware of – that he (Jesus Christ) is our savior I strongly believed that I have done what he has told me to do in order for me to be saved by him. And how is that?  Because God has mentioned that the only way to be saved on the Judgment Day is through our Lord Jesus Christ – and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and NO ONE ELSE can spare us from it, not even all the wealth in the world, man’s intelligence and technology nor our parents can BUY us salvation. We have to take advantage of that God-given privilege to be saved. And that is thru our lord Jesus Christ. (Links available at the bottom of this post for explanations supported by verses in the Holy Scriptures taught by Church Ministers).

The question is how can we do that? How can we make Jesus Christ our savior? The Holy Scriptures also stated that ‘Faith Alone is DEAD’, anything that is dead becomes incapable of doing anything or is worthless. Thus, Faith alone is worthless. Not different with what others say that they believe that Jesus Christ is their savior and that is enough. What shall we PAIR with faith to make it creditable? Okay, the faith is there, but are you sure you have really accepted God’s gift of salvation thru our Lord Jesus Christ?

I did not know of this either, when I was not yet taught by a GENUINE God’s messenger. The Holy Bible (Link) – says that Christ himself teaches that he is the way and the truth. God has this policy of saving man- that man can’t be saved by his fellow (parents, spouses, children etc.) and how can Christ do that without breaking the rule? Our Lord God has created this NEW MAN/BEING in his eyes – in which the HEAD is our Lord Christ and his BODY is the ‘CHURCH OF CHRIST’ – one man (that is also the reason we act as ONE MAN, we vote in elections as One because a man has a single head with one brain and judgment). That is why any man who thinks differently when it comes to doctrines from among us is expelled from the church, whoever it is – and the Church Administration values our Lord God above all (more than his mother and siblings), because those who love their parents and love ones MORE THAN our Lord God is not worthy to enter His kingdom – IF that love ones teaches us to deviate from what God’s words.

That is absolutely WRITTEN in the Bible. Our Lord Jesus Christ is capable of saving us because he is the only man (Links below) that has not sinned. In actuality, can a head bring-out a different body apart from his own to save from getting burned on a fire?! That is a rhetorical question, the answer is there. That is where our Lord Jesus Christ comes to the scene, becoming our head. Not belonging to Christ’s ‘body’ (the Church) there is NO WAY, you can make Jesus Christ your savior. There is no need to make an ark like in Noah’s time – because there is no coming flood to destroy the world BUT a ‘lake of FIRE’ – we are told to enter the Church (Christ’s body) in order to be saved. And that church – you need to find out for yourself. Examine the teachings of the Church of Christ and prove it to yourself.

'Ang Tamang Daan'

(Available : Sign Language Simultaneous Translation)
Sinasagot po sa palatuntunang ito sa telebisyon ang mga karaniwang bagay sa Iglesia ni Cristo na nais malaman ng mga hindi kaanib hal.

Email your questions to:
The TRUE messengers of our Lord God will answer you with the Holy Scriptures as their ONLY REFERENCE, NOT opinions or not even educated guesses.

-Holy Bible: Word of Truth (INC TV Program)
(Nihonggo, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Korean and English Edition; with transcription/writing subtitle to other languages)

-Ang Pagbubunyag (Tagalog/Filipino)
Know what made teachings/doctrines we grew-up believing are FALLACY. Per topic video. (examples: Trinity, Purgatory, Faith Alone Can Save, Correct Baptism, Christ as God, Preventing Priests or God’s Evangelists to Marry, Blood Can Be Eaten, Images as Instrument to Serve God).

3. Pasko

- To watch more of the Church’s official video’s or to access INCTV Live Stream
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If this reach you, please do not let go of the chance – this post may serve as an instrument to call you in the true service of our Lord God
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