Exploring the Potential of Google Plus on Marketing Strategy

Google Plus spells a great difference on promoting a brand, organization etc. Why?

Everything you post is seen by everybody worldwide even they are not in your circle or  followers (unlike in facebook that there is also a public posting  but that ‘public’ can only see your posts only when they happen to see your account or profile.

In G+, your posts are visible to everybody unless you just choose to share your post to a particular circle (or group) or privately to a single person – there are pre-installed circle choices:

Do I need to define it? They are of course those you want to share every day of your life without the fear of being bullied etc. Those who are happy with your victories and those who are in pain when you are…

- family
Your immediate family and relatives who are far from you who wants to keep track of your ups and down practically wanted to be updated about you.

- acquaintances
friends you just met on the net or newfound that you never wished to share private details or posts or images.

When after posting you shared it PUBLICLY, everyone can read about it and can comment on that post freely. Google has this reporting policy if someone bullies you, they have this report button and you can also keep them away by blocking them. They could not see your profile or any of your posts anymore.

Google Plus has these COMMUNITIES that all of us are FREE to create or be a member. For publicly established communities – you can just join them without advising the moderator/owner unlike in private you have to ask permission to join. There are communities that have hundred thousand to millions of members where you can share your content or promote your products and services or even faith.

What is good with these communities is that, like-minded people come together in one place – they share the same interests or hobbies or craft.  For example there is this community for English Learners – a lot of them – mine is ‘I LOVE English’ or the Christians’ community – I can share posts here regarding my faith as well as links from my religion’s official website (www.incmedia.org) if I want to share a video  to watch or events I want non-members to see for missionary purposes.

There is also Photographers/Picture Lovers, Relationship, Quotes, Parenting, DIY, Crafts, Beauty, Health, Cars etc. communities where I can share my posts related to each. You can find what you are looking for and tons of posts on every community. The posts made by every member are archived there. But if a community has millions of members it would be difficult for you to find a post you made the other day – considering the bulk of new posts from other people around the world.

You can show your product to the world – BUT you must be careful that your posts are RELATED to that community, IF NOT you may be banned or reported to Google for spamming.

If I write something about food or I review a food product – I go to communities related to food and advertisement or there are also promoting/marketing communities and also on Home, Parenting, and Family Living communities. Those communities helped me a lot in introducing my blog to the world.

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