Bath Soap as Stain Remover

Because of the hot weather in our country these days, it is very likely for us to sweat and sometimes smell foul.  

I tried chlorine and other commercial bleach for white and colored clothes but still this works far better like miracle.  You would not have to wash the clothes till it is worn out like what I am doing before – my husband’s barongs and polo – especially those that are made from delicate fabric gets older and soon get torn on the neckline. Know the secret and how to's :

The stains like blood and sweat marks comes off easily with less effort and with one or two wipes.  This solution is not a secret anymore and most moms knew of this – it is none other than your humble BATH SOAP.  I hope students who are far from home will know of this too.

Why it works? Bath soaps are especially made to remove excess body oils and it magically works on clothes too on removing the same kind of organic dirt and stain.  You would not have to throw that tiny piece of soap remains that sometimes melt on your hands, no waste at all just reserve it for the laundry.

How to use it effectively?

1. First wet and wash the stained part with water.

2. Use the BATH soap, apply it on that brownish sweat marks or blood (menstrual) stain to remove the stain.

3. Rinse it off.

4. You need to soap it again using diluted powdered detergent  this time.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to do this because the clothing material of the underwear (for blood stain or menstrual blood) or clothes (neckline or armpit) becomes stiffer than usual when dry if it is washed with bath soap alone.

Try this and you can keep your favorite clothes for longer, NO rips due to hard scrubbing anymore. This works guaranteed by yours truly.  Please come back to give it a plus not if you find this tip helpful and I would really be thankful if you would share a LINK of this post on your favorite social network’s timeline. 

Here's another tip on soap Soap to Last Longer TipHave an easier laundry day ahead, friends…
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