First 100 Days of President Duterte

Philippines as Independent Nation

The President never wanted the official residence of the country’s president to be called MalacaƱan Palace anymore, he wants it more to be called ‘Palace of the People’ instead. I agree with him when he said that it is not even of Filipino Language origin – a true heirloom from our previous Spanish colonizers.  He has been consistent with his ideal of the Philippines as Independent Nation – same is true with his plans of us making our very own International Foreign Policy.

That is also obvious with his objections and anger when other rulers try to degrade him with words/accusations – as he said he is not just a city Mayor now, he is now the country’s President!  He is but right to do that because those who pretend to be friends speaks on his back about their unsolicited comments when they could have meet personally and could have discussed it then for him to have defended his nationalistic efforts of conserving the future generation of our homeland.

In fairness with President Obama, MAYBE he really has no intentions of meddling with our affairs – it so happened that a representative of a media in a press con has asked his opinion about EJK.  If many had opined that Pres. Duterte should have been cautious of his words – the MORE caution must be exercised by the President of the deemed to be most powerful nation in the world.  His words could have influenced a lot of people worldwide – and IF he happens to misconceived what is really happening here, it would damage our President’s reputation as well as the senate’s and even the country as a whole. Because, his opinion is not based on FACTS and the real situation; it may IMPLY that we CONDONE IF THERE IS INJUSTICE and us Filipinos are blindly adoring the President. He is merely looking at the surface and maybe one of those who wanted to believe that all the killings are attributable to the administration disregarding the MIGHT of the syndicates running drugs as well as those who had been connected and protectors who were publicly exposed that could possibly be among the suspects who get those drug personalities dead so their dark secrets can be hidden forever.

It is but right for the President to stand his ground and speak-out and be furious about the baseless comments. Remember two policemen daily also dies in the drug campaign IF THE GOVERNMENT runs the drug campaign on its own liking there would never be a dead policeman nor a relieved men in duty. There is still justice prevailing in this country, if the president is a real killer – I think De Lima has not reached the senate because of her endless accusations or even Matobato- the ‘witness’ that even a lie detector machine will fail, what more to the members of the legislative body who are mostly lawyers in educational attainment.

The President may be TOO HONEST with his feelings towards those involved in drugs. And for his first 100 Days, he is brave enough to answer those who wanted us to ‘keep our mouth shut and bowing’ all the time.

The Launch of the National Complaints Hotline 8888

This VERY HELPFUL hotline was established to answer the public’s need for faster, reliable and ZERO-QUEUE service from public/government employees remunerated from their paid taxes.

It was known to have hasten processing of personal documents obtained from various government agencies such as NSO (Birth/Marriage/CENOMARCertificates) , LTO (Driver’s Licenses, Renewal of Vehicle Registration), NBI (NBI Clearance)etc. The became USUAL queuing of people from inside the offices to the adjacent street roads with duration from two hours to even days had become less than an hour to finish although you have to come back not later than TWO-THREE days after for the document,  not like before that you are there for that long and then asked to come back spending time, effort and money just to be told TO COME BACK AGAIN.

I think few months of adjustment from the pending jobs received by each government agency can soon make way for the INSTANT release of documents in the future.  It is understandable that they had to finish the backlog from the ‘turtle-like service’ they are providing before that no matter how they deny it or whatever alibis they have, had become the system in here in our home land . I am really hopeful that what the President wanted to see and experience by the public is the REAL use of modern technology – COMPUTERS – I remember him saying in one of his speeches that if a government agency can not act FAST having computers in their offices, they should junk them because there is no difference at all compared to not having one around.

Having the hotline, every public servant is guaranteed to please every Filipino because IF NOT, expect that it will no longer be tolerated. The Civil Service Commission is the frontrunner for the complaints hotline.

More Call Center Agents shall be added
Tips for Hotline 8888 Callers:

1. Prepare the following details on a sheet of paper so that it will be ready:

- Your name or it can be withheld or considered as ‘anonymous’ or ‘concerned citizen’ as yourw wish

- Government Agency (SSS/NBI/NSO/LTO/Municipality or City Hall)
   Stipulate the Department (Clearances/Civil Registrar/Business Permits and Licenses Office)

- Public servant’s name in particular (if causing delay or given you FALSE RELEASE DATE)

2. Complaints

Reasons for calling the hotline. Be brief or try to summarize the problem because we need to maximize operation time to accommodate more callers. Be straight to the point, avoid long stories.

- delayed and repeat visits to the office in securing authenticated copies of documents applied for.

- public servants who do other things instead of doing job (texting/using the internet/chatting to office mates) during office hours instead. Remember even there is a lunch break for public servants there is NO OFFICE LUNCH BREAK – shifting is done on ‘breaktime’ to facilitate continuous operation. That is the policy the President wants to see in every government office.

-corrupt employees who asks for ‘lagay’, extorting money from applicants

It is recorded that 900,000 plus has been accepted and serviced by this hotline. And soon there  will also be a text hotline and a program handling it mentioning each complaints on national TV.

Internal Peace Process

The ingenuity of the intentions of the Duterte Administration to come-up with the solution for the Peace Process. One is putting known leftists to key government positions like in Department of Social Welfare Judy Taguiwalo and Development (DSWD) and Department of the Agrarian Reform (DAR) Rafael Mariano.

Although Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is not given much attention today, the Government recognizes Muslim Community Leaders as well as even tribe leaders in caucuses that involve them. 

The ideals of Federalism somehow abolishes the need for the BBL as it is almost the same and guarantees ULTIMATE PARITY/UNIFORMITY  of power throughout ALL the federal states to be created. The creation of each state is also known to consider their religious status inclusive of the provinces or Bangsamoro Territories will sure not be combined with the others. That is not favoring the Muslims BUT ensuring that the state policies and undertakings they could establish will still be governed by the needed development in accordance to their beliefs and culture.

Rescue 911

Already working in Metro Manila and Davao (earlier) and plans to extend implementation in the provinces. There are about -----call center agents to accommodate incoming calls. Calls are charged -P5.00 to cut on prank callers. The agency entertains emergency calls from fires, birthing, stalkers (akyat-bahay to hold-uppers), road mishaps (collisions, drunk-driving incidents  etc.).

OFW One-Stop Shop

The painstaking, extravagant and time-consuming errands of document preparation for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) had been shortcut. Yes, the President has thought of a SINGLE building containing all satellite offices of the needed requirements for an OFW unlike before that OWWA, DFA, NBI, Police Clearance etc.  Not just sure if accredited Medical Clinics are also in there for MedCert issuance.

Federalism Campaign

Filipinod are  not so familiar with this system of Government yet that made nation like the United States well-developed.  I had my article about it here Federalism Article by AngieGM

Duterte Administration has efforts on informing the public of this system and I think it is not that EXTENSIVE yet to reach every Filipino that answers survey if they agree on this proposition. Most asked about it on TV are not really aware of what is it all about. The government needs to double its efforts on it. Maybe the coming 2017, will be more feasible for these efforts considering budget allocation  for it’s campaign.

Drug War

If we are to survey many of our fellow-Filipinos, the Du30’s extensive WAR ON DRUGS is really remarkable. Government Officials, Law Enforcers, celebrities and ordinary citizens who are protectors, Drug Lords and even drug users and dependents/addicts has NO ESCAPE from the administration’s FURIOUS and BLOODY battle against drugs. Nearly 800,000 drug personalities has surrendered themselves voluntarily.

Streets and public places are now SAFER from hold-uppers, rapist etc. Here's an article relevant to that topic War on Drugs by AngieGM

Expiry Extension of Government Issued Licenses and Registration Certificates (5yrs)

Instead of the shorter period of expiration – it will be extended to de-clog government offices of piled-up applications for renewal.  It is expected that after several months of implementation that the queues will all be caused by NEW applicants alone and on a practical assessment, it will not be that LONG anymore.

Driver’s License that are expiring every three (3) years before will now be extended for two more years – becomes five (5) years.

LTO Satellite Offices are opened in malls (one as seen in the photo in one of the Malls in Binondo), according to ASEC Edgar Galvante – that is to bring their services closer to the public for ease and comfort as well as a way to decongest queues in main offices.

LTO’s actions are limited to the proceeds of the annual budget allocated by the previous Aquino Administration, a TRUE hurdle in implementing new plans of the Duterte Admin. We can expect more changes next year – where proper budgeting is made for the supposed undertakings of the current administration.

Department of the Agrarian Reform

On the onset of the Duterte Admin, 400 hectares of Hacienda Luisita had been awarded to farmers.

An proposed Executive Order is awaiting final approval regarding the ‘conversion of agricultural lands to subdivisions for a period of two years’.

It is also a good news to the Banana Farmers that the IMPORTATION BAN from China is NOW LIFTED. This is all due to the government’s efforts of empowering local farmers.  The government has also promised to assist them in acquiring updates on knowledge, machineries as well as needed capital.

The DAR office that was always seen on tv surrounded by protesters had become literally open to the public and willing to listen.  

In fact, they have also designated a conference hall to discuss any problem with the DAR secretary Rafael Mariano so they can address it right away and to hear every citizen’s voice.

It may not be NEAR PERFECT bu it showssome VERY GOOD SIGNS of better things to come for this country.  His initiatives and strong will had influenced his cabinet members and almost all public servants to prove their worth being elected or appointed in their positions.

West Philipine Sea Issue

The former Aquino Administration has stood firm on the issue of claiming our territory reaching the International Arbitration Court - which won us the RIGHT to the territory.

Duterte Administration knew our legal right BUT is aware of possible outcome if we will enforce the verdict to China. But the President handled the matter wisely because he had chosen to hit two birds in a shot.  He has plans to ask the giant China to permit the freedom of Pinoy fishermen accessing the territory. It is NOTHING as it may seem to others BUT meant life to those fishermen and their families. Aside from that, the president mentioned a railway project connecting Mindanao to Luzon as sponsored by China.  The recently-inaugurated Mega Rehabilitation Center in Nueva Evija (if I got the details correctly) is also donated by the Chinese Government.  Some thought of it as exchange for our claim but for me it is WISER that way. The possible income we can derive from the terriroty (after spending for mining equipment  and development etc.) is BUT ALMOST the same with the benefits we are starting to get from them.  We can not match the security forces of China, we are way behind numbers in players and 'toys'. If we continue to quarrel with China, meager chances of getting what we want even if we are backed with 'papers' on our claim. On our stand now, we can maximize our benefits than having nothing at all - China will surely not concede. 

Still, the common good of the people is the President's priority - aid to mass transportation and rehabilitation facilities can be of help to many Pinoys. It is just like letting go of the CASH the territory can give the country (minus the efforts and development expenses too) and welcoming IN KIND benefits STILL brought to us by the West Philippine Sea.  I know it is not really worth that small but in the long run we will and more individuals can benefit more with our economical and friendly ties with China.

This is an honest-to-goodness assessment from an ordinary citizen of this country. Share your thoughts, comments are welcome.

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