Reaction Paper on Duterte's Inaugural Speech Plus

Editorial on President Duterte’s  Inaugural Speech

As Mayor Rody’s wish of a simple celebration, Malacañan Palace (Official Seat of the Philippine Gov’t.) is so simple but heartfelt. Fifteen, ten, five minutes until finally the clock turns twelve noon (12:00) on June 30, 2016 – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte took his oath as the 16th president of the Republic. 

I am among those who have too much anticipation on his upcoming leadership. Congratulations President  ‘Mayor’, as he wanted to be called.

On his inaugural speech, President Duterte has remained as humble as he is. He instill in the minds of our fellow-countrymen (as well as the spectators worldwide) who is watching this turning point in the history that there is no successful leadership without good followers – that the ‘BIG CHANGE’  we may expect would not come from his work alone  BUT with the help of every citizen, it is a combined efforts.  I like what he said that change must come within us and in us – reading between the lines, he meant humility not attributing any future success in leading the country to himself alone  but to everybody.  He restated the reason why the electorate has placed him in the position – the thirst for a TRUE and meaningful change. I honestly believe it, the electorate did not vote for the ‘saint image’ candidate.  

He stressed too that the great issue the country is facing now is the ‘LOST of confidence/trust of people in the Government’.  Again, he is remarkable in reading the MOST SIGNIFICANT underlying issue confronting the bureaucracy.  We have the Laws and the authorities to implement everything – but it is very evident that they were just disregarded.  People who knew something unusual or irregularities refuse to approach the authorities like policemen, government officials etc. afraid that they must also be involved or belongs to the syndicate being the protectors and might just end-up losing more or even their lives. The President is aiming to RECOVER public’s TRUST by putting people close to him (Friends, former classmates etc.) but not in that shallow sense BUT because he knew each one of them personally – their performance and most importantly, their values and principles that moved him to pick them. He confidently said that his cabinet bears the same conviction as he has. And that the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and the other concerns should not worry, his team will respect the Laws of the Land and spelled-out that they know their limitations as well as they will observe ‘DUE PROCESS’ being a lawyer and former prosecutor.

The head of the country also highlighted his management style – he will let the cabinet heads to do what they believed that can help improve their departments’ performance BUT they will be held accountable for the public’s complaints.  Once again his annoyance of the VERY SLOW documentation process – in his previous dialogs with the media he divulged his disappointment in seeing our fellow countrymen in long queues not just queuing for hours but EVEN for DAYS spending precious time and money just to get a document.

And he stressed too that he ABHORS SECRECY and he is an ADVOCATE of TRANSPARENCY.  He wanted every government undertakings by each department be transparent from the submission of the proposals, bidding and up to the consummation of every project.  He wants everything started to be finished.  I think the President is tired of the numerous project cancellations on the news – that anomalies were only detected at the midst of the project (when millions had been spent) and it could have been prevented on the outset. Therefore only wasting National or Local Coffers and leaving the unscrupulous undertakers at large, charged yes of course but not punished at all. We do not know if this has something to do with the justice system (can we not have a Jury system- that the verdict of an offender rests in the hand of the many not just on a single prosecutor?! So MAYBE avoiding corruption)…imagine, it did not evaded the eyes of the President! He is that vigilant to have noticed what is really happening around the country today. If this CAN NOT BE CARRIED-OUT, he is talking about departure – he means he is READY to REPLACE anyone sooner just in case. Click the link below, my other article:

The head of the country has also stated an axiom that sums-up his economic plan for the nation.  Reading between the lines, the statement expresses clear message that the impoverished will be helped to prosper and the ‘strong’ shall not be weakened in the process – telling us that he is not just the president of the poor but the rich too, everybody’s.

He has shown great interest in uniting the country – the Moros, Indigenous People (IPs) and create a government of inclusivity(all-encompassing). It shows in his actions by putting some known leftists in his cabinet.

Reiterating that he is elected to serve everyone and not only one – meaning he is for the good of the many and have stated a quote that tells about not serving a friend or harming an enemy. This is prevalent in his giving chances to those officials who maligned their duties to submit themselves and talk to him. I assume he may give pardon on some conditions. I suppose if they would leave the wrongdoings and work to catch/trap their comrades  and be one with the government’s advocacy.

He has added too in his Speech that he is there in Malacañan to start doing his work. 

Speech in Tondo (June 30, 2016)

President Duterte has dined-out with the residents in Tondo, Manila (whom he told  DSWD Sec. Taguiwalo he has promised to help). He is asking them to persevere and to cooperate for us to achieve progress. 

He has also uttered his disgust of spending money to kill his fellow-countrymen who will refuse to be in peace with the government like the ‘Abu Sayaff Group’ (ASG) who is currently bringing chaos to ordinary people – Filipinos and foreigners who just came to visit the country. He wanted more to use the money in buying armaments to execute them to provide food and shelter to the marginalized members of the society. 

He campaigned for the zeroed drug trafficking and abuse – and admonished the public that DRUGS will bring no good to the involved and that they or their loved ones may later be killed because of it. 

The administration has also expressed his efforts in troubleshooting TRAFFIC situation in Metro Manila. 

Speeches for the PNP & AFP Assumption Ceremonies

The President has disclosed the reason to the public why he had chosen Dela Rosa for the position – that he had worked with him. He knew his loyalty and values as a person and as a law enforcer.

Like President Duterte has always emphasized in his campaigns, he is launching war against drug trafficking, drug abuse and criminality. He has urged the corrupt police personnel involved in ‘Drugs’ or kidnap-for-ransom syndicates to surrender – he even offered a one-on-one ‘talk’ in Malacañan if a high official wishes to succumb to him.  He also stated that he will be very kind and generous to those who will do their work proficiently – saying that he will realize the ‘double the salary’ hike for the law enforcers. In his previous interviews, he said he will do that to help them with their lives as to avoid getting involved in crimes just to augment their living conditions. However, he has strongly spoken of his wrath over the men-in-uniform that will get into illegal activities especially drugs or kidnapping.

He has also encouraged the policemen to do their jobs to the fullest of their ability even if it cost them to kill a thousand in the event of defending the public or their own lives in performing their duties - he will be there to support them. He has PLEDGED his full-support even if he will be impeached in the process of backing them up– he said he will hurry-up the case against a faithful policeman and together they will exit the ranks, him being the president of the country. That is how he is not clingy to his position and extreme in encouraging the REAL HEROES to emerge from the roster of our policemen.

President Duterte has also told them the irregularities happening in the departments:

- the fake gasoline (transportation expense) reimbursed
- the transferring of a head’s subordinate whenever the higher rank is re-assigned to a different location that mostly encouraging corruption and other illegal activities playing as cohorts.

He never wanted such in his administration. He never wanted corruption in any form.

I hope I have shared with you opinions that matter and I also hope that I have given justice to the President’s speeches as to my very own perception of them. 

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