Solar-Powered Light Review

If you are going on a camping, it is wise to bring battery-operated flashlights or lamps but do you know that there is something more practical than that? Since battery’s availability would be impossible in forests or mountains where you sometimes go for a hike or camping, it is not that very advisable unless you have got a box of battery with you or that a bit costly power-bank.  And if you want to want to cut-cost on your overhead expense like electricity this gadget would also be practical.

I recommend this SOLAR-powered lamp, not so well-known brand here in my country, I think a product from China but it is really worth buying. So cheap at a cost of around US $ 6-7 (PhP 350.00), I have been using mine for more than a year. That means its useful life over the price is nearly just a dollar cent if amortized on its useful life! And it is still useful until now. 

I reviewed this product on my own, to be honest, I have not dared to contact any Company, as long as I am satisfied with the item itself – they need not know I have endorsed their product. What pushed me to review this product is to give you my dear readers - the economy and safety you well-deserved.

My recommendations:

The solar light bulb is consists of LED lights in a pyramid-shaped holder.

1.  Look for this NSS Brand. Yes, it is China made. But this one did not fail my expectations.

2. Once you have it, be sure to maintain its charge-discharge cycle so the re-chargeable battery will last longer than usual. It is a common knowledge that items unused for a period of time may fail to function again- internal mechanisms  being inside are being damaged by the moisture that does not dries-up easily when the item is idled for long.  I took this idea from a clothes drier, once spinning the clothes dry-up faster imagine it idle – it will remain wet. In stuffs with metal parts that may be eaten by rust it is not a good idea.

I prefer to use it during brown-outs here in my country, in two weeks of no power-interruption what I do is I use it as our night lamp esp. on my children’s room because it is safer. Turning off all the electrically-operated lights, saving some in our consumption cost and discharging the unit at the same time to fulfill the charged-discharged cycle.

That's the charging cable connected to the solar panel hanged outside the window.

3. I do not wait till the solar-charge runs empty I just kept it standing-by with the charger panel connected. I just hang the panel outside our window and the lamp inside the house.

The solar-charging panel.

4. Your kennel (dog’s house) will be safe with this kind of lighting apparatus and no expense on fuel or battery.

5. Or if you have a little food cart business on the street, it would be a good additional light source.

What else is good with solar-powered lamps and lights? There is no over-charging that sometimes become fire culprit. No danger even left unattended. You can leave you child's room lighted by it safely for the whole night sleep.You will just be amazed with this product. As long as you have the charger with you, you can charge and will never run-out of power whether you are in the middle of a trek in mountain peaks.

That's the power from the SUN.

This is just one of the many products of this brand – I noticed that they specialize in solar-powered products. 

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