Idiom Decoded: 'In the Flesh'

Idiomatic Expressions (talinhaga in Filipino language) – are phrases or words that does NOT imply or talk about LITERAL (word per word) meaning.

One of those idioms is:

This phrase means ‘true-to-life or in person’. Meaning, NOT on video, on pictures nor via phone call. ‘Flesh’ here does not stand for color or literal ‘meat’ because when we say meat it is something that can be eaten, although ‘flesh’ can literally mean that way. It only denotes REALITY – can be touched.


John showed-up in the flesh after being rumored to have been killed in the ambush.

- John arrived in person.
- John appeared physically.

Isaiah did not appear in the flesh after being accused of manipulating a black propaganda against the administration

- Isaiah did not show-up.
- Isaiah did not come for everybody to see.
- Isaiah did not appear physically.

The hotel magnate told the kidnappers that he wanted to see his grandchild in the flesh before he pays for the ransom.

- The hotel magnate wants to be sure that his grandchild is still alive – he wants to her physically.
- The hotel magnate does not want a video or a phone call hearing his grand child’s voice to prove she is still alive because it might have been recorded earlier that is why he wants to see her in person.

I do hope that I have helped you understand the above idiom better and have enjoyed learning after reading the fictitious examples I have provide to explain it well. I hope that you will come back to read more.

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