Product Review versus Product Advertisement

What has a ‘Product Review’?

1. An evaluator/client invited to try or test the product.

A company invites a blogger to review their product or service. The company is automatically required to provide a FREE sample of the product for the evaluator for testing or if a restaurant/hotel/resort – a free all-in accommodation to get that customer experience that needs to get published online plus a cash remuneration for the blog post the evaluator shall publish online for the product or brand – the cash is for the trouble and time to write a post and for the space on the blogger’s website/blog.

Actually a blog need not to be ultra-famous to review a brand, it would not be a disadvantage for the product owner because blog posts are indexed on search engines (like Google and Bing for my website – I have provided a sitemap for each) for an unlimited period of time. Customers searching for customer reviews of the product are brought to the blogger’s website tagged/labeled correctly.

Customers like me want to know the opinions of other people who had experienced the use of the service or brand before I make a decision to buy.  The more testimonials/opinions there is the better.  Many blog reviews from different bloggers is quite essential and convincing – if there is just a single post that rates the product negatively and 99% of all the other reviews states a different thing – consumers will likely believe the majority’s side. Product Review is equivalent to CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE RATING.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of a Product

An evaluation of the service or the brand itself, the advantage of the product compared to its competitors and for the consumers and the reasons why the product is worth buying plus its important and best features. The pros and cons may be mentioned; some problems or concerns that a prospective client may encounter and shall be ready for – the disadvantages (e.g. uncovered parking space/minimum or maximum number of attendees for a venue for lease etc. but for an intelligent reviewer a solution can be suggested BUT must be an honest one not just to favor the product). For a gadget, a low internal memory or battery life may be the disadvantages or sometimes even a low front megapixel camera. The availability of an extendable memory can be mentioned to neutralize it, just add little cost to acquire needs to be mentioned and a back-up battery or car charger can make-up for those. Mentioning the higher resolution of the rear camera of the mobile phone can ease-up the fault of the front camera.

Another way of stating a flaw without jeopardizing your reputation as a Brand Influencer is by recommending it for appropriate users only like a laptop – there is a cheaper model having specifications that can cater to student users but not to a  web developer /architect or  graphic artist.  A hotel may have a flaw of a limited parking space but can be contacted for booking or reservations before the customer’s arrival. Still, the blogger remained in justice with the consumers who put their TRUST in her as well as with the Company who commissioned her for the review.

3. Testimonial of a client or a customer who is also the product/service evaluator

Comments and recommendation of a REAL customer/blogger that has used the product or has experienced the services being offered by a particular company is the important aspect of a review. Summing-up the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of the product and why it is still good to have or who can make use of the product efficiently pertaining to target customers or users.

4. Link where you can buy the product.

What has an Advertisement?

1. Everything the product or brand has to offer not just a link but a post solely written for the company by the company like a brochure just to be posted on a website. No opinion/endorsement from the blogger or webmaster. Just a paid space.

The benefits of using the product/amenities for a resort or hotel/room or service rates/entrance fees/dress code/

2. Important Information

Rates/Product Pricing
Discounts/Promo Offers
Time-in/Check-out time (for hotels)
Booking Agents

3. Contact Details

Website Address/Numbers to call/Contact Person /physical address or site map.

4. A note that the post does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the webmaster just a paid blog space.

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