The Importance of a Product Review

A Product Review is a marketing tool to promote an item recommended by a market research evaluator/brand influencer. A blog webmaster like yours truly can be an evaluator, I passed the training and qualification exams provided by Bare International and also available free lance.  It does not matter whether the blog or website has been on the web for long or not. Google (and other search engines) will direct the searchers of a particular product or brand when correct meta tags have been made for the post.

Because we now live in fast-changing world, prospective customers may find your business or brand in the web in just a few clicks thru the following searching alternatives for:

 hotels/restaurants/resort/family ktv:

1. By Referrals – they knew what particular item/product they are looking for recommended verbally by a friend or relative.

Like for example, a client was told by a friend that ‘Hotel O’ is really amazing – the client will key-in ‘Hotel O’ on the Google’s search box.

But if another client has somehow experienced something bad staying in your place – there may be a circumstance that the unsatisfied client may make bad publicity on social media pertaining to your product or services. I saw quite a few of that on Youtube uploaded by ordinary citizens when I am searching for a farm resort where my family can stay for a weekend. I really like what is written on that particular farm resort’s own website  but the moment I read reviews from former visitors who had posted their dissatisfaction on their stay because of arrogant staff etc., I immediately erased it from the list of my options. That is where review works. Me, I read not just one but more comments from different people before eliminating them. I am gauging the commentators if they are reliable enough to believe or  they are just making-up stories because of some misunderstandings with the staff. Hearing the same comment from different people only means, it is 80% true.

2. By Location – clients may use the product’s general name (e.g. Hotel) plus the location (Quezon Province) if they are heading anywhere your brand/product is located and have no idea where to stay.

Prospective clients will key-in for example ‘Hotel +Calauag+Quezon’ –  Google will crawl to the website where such content exists. Narrowing search to Hotels in the area by putting the + sign to connect each word- if one of the words does not appear on the blog – it will not be brought to the site.

3. Purpose/occasion

Venue/Seminar/Team Building/ weddings/debut  - some people especially those who are in your area knew your company exists but they are not really familiar of what you can offer unless they will have your brochure – nowadays people are too busy to go somewhere just to inquire. The internet’s search tool has always been very useful to find what they are looking for and your competitors have a great edge from you if you are not yet found on the web. If these searchers become satisfied with the information and reviews they found about the brand/product –you are just a call away. Chances are more customers and greater earning opportunities.

If the product offerred satisfy the needs and wants of the searchers – for example, I have a friend who has a colon illness, he searched for a vegetarian sausages and patties on the web and found one when he typed easily digested meat alternative for patients with digestion problem.
For items like clothes, accessories and dresses – recommended by someone they trust counts a lot.

Gadgets/Accessories/Apparel etc.

1. Also by referral

2. Searching ‘customer reviews’ of products available on the web

A product or company may lose tons of customers not being listed or reviewed by a single blogger. If it happens too that ONE SINGLE defective product get to the hands of an ordinary e-customer mentioning the item negatively on social sites may also be indexed on the net and will bring tremendous damage to the product’s reputation. 

Correct information and assessment of the product done by not just one but many reviewers give potential customers/buyers fair judgment of the product. It is a fact too that 90 % of the product searchers have buying intentions if not on the same day most likely in the near future. 

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