Idiom Decoded: 'in black and white'

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We can hear this from movies - sometimes an employee was requested to provide a resignation letter in black and white after he said to have mentioned he is quitting job.

This phrase means ‘on paper/written/printed/in print. Meaning, words that can be read or sense by the eyes.  ‘Black’  represents ‘ink of a pen’. ‘White’ here resembles a ‘a paper’ to write on. ‘in’ therein denotes what form or medium of transmission.


The student told the Guidance Counselor about the commotion but he was requested to have it in ‘black and white’.

- The student reported what happened verbally (in words), just spoken.

- The Guidance Counselor wanted the details be put in writing, to make sure that whatever was reported to him is backed with a supporting document written by a witness if it happens he would call for the students involved in the trouble.

- The Guidance counselor was not satisfied with the verbal(vocally) information he was furnished with and wishes to have the statement in writing.

He wanted their business partnership be in ‘black and white’ that is why he asked for a Contract Signing.

- He wants everything agreed-upon about their business to be listed on paper and be proved by a Contract ‘not just verbally’ to ensure clear division of responsibilities and accountability as well.

- He wants to make sure that everything is backed by an evidence – a document.  Documented.

Selling pre-owned properties must always be in ‘black and white’ to avoid problems on ownership later on.

- Properties named after the first owner like cars or real estates and signature costly items with certificates and receipts are always evidenced by a written document – being the first owners are the ones listed on titles, certificate of registration etc.

- Names written on a title or certificate of registration or ownership is cancelled by a  notarized and signed (by the previous owner) ‘Deed of Absolute Sale’ .

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