How Do Blogs Earn?

Pay-per-click Advertising

Blogs earn through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.  As for me I have a Google Publisher ID which entitles me for Google Adsense ads.  All the advertisements displayed on this blog is provided by Google Adsense. In every article/content Google Adsense displays related ads – if for example the article is about Shoes, shoes will be put on display from sellers/companies all over.

There are many other online advertising providers on the web but sometimes not available in every country worldwide that even offers commission from product owners per closed deal referred by a bloggers website. I think I have tried to enter Amazon’s but I think my country is not included on their serviceable area.

Product Reviews

Another way to earn is through ‘Product Reviews’ – a blog can get paid with free/sample items plus a cash incentive for items asked by a Company to be reviewed. Companies choose which blog is appropriate for a review – if you are a Travel Blog; hotels, airline companies or travel agencies will reach out to you. You can have free accommodations, air fares as freebies etc. That is huge savings for you and a handful of experience plus additional pocket money –do not mistake that the cash benefit is like a bribe. You will need to be remunerated for your TIME writing (not the write-ups!) the post to document your review plus the space in your website or blog for that product’s publicity.  That is why companies shall note of it.

Others mistakenly thought that blogs need to have millions of followers to be able to attract brands to advertise or ask a product review; in truth it is just an additional benefit. The most important quality for an evaluator/blogger is the reputation and skill in expressing thoughts and findings in writing a compelling post. Actually, a blogger’s website need not be that famous to qualify for a review order because like what most companies are aware of – what matters is the presence of the review post on the search engines like Google or Bing etc. where it will be indexed once the customer search for reviews of a particular product even it is just their first time to see the blogger’s website.

A blogger needs to build a reputation of honesty and integrity to convince readers that what is written is from REAL customer experience and not just posted out of financial incentives etc.

An advertisement costs half the price of a product review since in an ad, the details are provided by the product owner/company – the blogger need not consume time writing the post anymore just posting it.  They will just be paying for the space. It will be up to the Company (depending on their generosity) to give free samples or just a discount coupons for the blogger when purchasing the same item or other products from their brand. Huge companies recognize the value of bloggers, having big funding – samples etc. are out of the question even just for an advertisement.

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