Experience as a "Teacher"

Thirty-five years in the world has proven to me that "experience" is the best  but indeed a harsh teacher. I had my share of it and meeting many people and hearing of their experiences too has convinced me more  about it. Why? 

In school examinations, the students are taught about the lessons first and were given enough time to review what has been learned.  Various learning materials are provided conducive to learning - quite fair enough.

But in life, lessons we learned from experiences are disguised.  And always after the "tests", absorbing the lessons after sometimes a regrettable consequence. A good example is for teenagers who never listen to their parents on behaving properly, teenagers who became so excited about the new found thing called "love" caught them off-guard compromising the future of many young adults and then an innocent child later.  Party, party all night, date and sleepovers resulting to unwanted pregnancies and unfinished studies...

Parents did not mean to take-away their children's freedom.  They wanted to guide us because they knew the ominous lesson "experience" can teach us. As I said, always regrettable at times. You will just know it when you ended up scrutinized and gossiped by everybody, the hardships of early parenting and unstable source of income due to unemployment brought about by inadequate qualification for a decent and more promising job. Result, the child is fed with coffee on the bottle not affording to buy milk.  The mother had to work in a bar (indecently) to support the family's need - this is very true with youngsters without well-off parents to support them. That is just one of the many true-to-life cases of how experience can be a "tough" teacher.

My message to the youth especially young ladies, anywhere you are... the easiest thing to do is to settle down /get married.  You will find it hard to come back studying once you have children to attend to aside from the added expenses on your daily budget. Another old but still TRUE cliche "Time is gold.." and should never be wasted. And remember true love can wait - and a man with it always wanted what is BEST for his love ones even that could mean SACRIFICE on his part.  Never let experience teach us the hard way most especially if we hear admonitions from those who have more experiences than we have.  They have learned their share, we better believe them.  

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