EDSA People's Power Revolution - 29th Anniversary

Today is the 29th Anniversary of EDSA Revolution. Being just six years old  February 25, 1986 - I never had that much understanding of the historical EDSA People's Power Revolution that restored democracy in the hands of our countrymen during Marcos regime.  I just witness the replay of some videos of its anniversary every year.

I saw the barricade of  "arms"  preventing men -in-uniform to pass through.  And the Filipina who has graced the cover of Time Magazine - Corazon Cojuangco Aquino - she is the widow of the late Benigno Aquino, a senator during Marcos' time who has been a well-known critic of the Marcos' Government. 

The said revolution was brought about by the long-time silence of the Filipino people against the proclamation of  Martial Law by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos in 1972, the countless violation of human rights -o pposers of the government (individual or company) are all vanquished, one of the arrested was then Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. Even the freedom of speech was not allowed. Graft and corruption branded the government. 

In August of 1983, Benigno Aquino, Jr. was assassinated in his arrival from his exile from the United States. It has added to the negative image of Marcos knowing Aquino as his number one critic. Marcos has scheduled a "Snap Election" for presidency in February 7, 1986 with Corazon Aquino as her big time opponent to to win back people's confidence after the people's sympathy was focused on the Aquinos' lost . It was just a "show". Marcos is not really decided to leave his post .  He is assuming that if he wins the election everything about the government will be in his hands again peacefully. COMELEC (Commission on Elections -government) released a result far from that of NAMFREL (National Movement for Free Elections - a non-gov't.org.) Wikipedia

Blatant cheating on elections has even fueled the anger of the many, even then Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile (who is now a Senator) and AFP (Armed Forces of the Phils.) Vice Chief of Staff- Fidel V. Ramos (who also became the President of the Republic 1992-1998 and is now retired).  Those two important key persons had refused to support Marcos anymore and had asked for his resignation.  They were supported by the Catholic Church then led by archbishop Cardinal Sin who called the support of the priests and nuns who had blocked Camp Crame and Camp Aguinaldo in case Marcos and his troops would come out to vanquish the opposers.

The rest is history, no guns no bullets just the unity of Filipinos and the noble desire for democracy has made that world-famous peaceful revolution a joyous victory to every Filipino. And on February 25, 1986 Corazon C. Aquino has taken her presidential oath of office and was proclaimed the 11th president of the republic.

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Here is a great link to find out more about EDSA Revolution Kahimyang Info

(EDSA - an acronym that stands for Epifanio delos Santos Avenue - the venue of the People power. For my foreign readers.)

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