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Angel Reign is just months old when she got a cold, being a first-time mom, I am quite  unsure of the best thing that I can do to help her with her stuffy nose especially that she does not know how to blow her nose yet.

I noticed at night that Angel Reign has more waking hours than usual, she is cranky/irritable when she catches cold.  A pediatrician from Korean Hospital in Cavite Dr. Magno taught me to give her lots of fluid and elevate her head.  

And on my researches on parent's reviews I found out the best way to do it. Here's how:

   Elevate  the baby's head while sleeping:

   - DO NOT file-up pillows in her head.  Why it may affect posture later on.
   - Better to fix elevation on the baby mattress, put some books, or folded towel.

Advices from the elders:

- Steam inhalation but it is a bit difficult for very young children especially babies that might accidentally get scald.

image source: headandneckcancerguide.org
- Others told me to let them smell ONION - it may have a scientific basis, remember the onions make us CRY while chopping - and when we cry our nose becomes runny...it is said that when you cry a lot, the tears spill-out to the nasal cavity and start running out of our nose.

I also recommend the use of a COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER - this adds moisture in the air helps to ease colds congestion. It is just around $ 20 here in the Philippines, maybe the prices are not a lot different. Read this helpful link to understand more about it www.mayoclinic.org and humidifier images.

Others recommend salinase as decongestant or even nasal aspirator  to clear runny nose..they say it can be bought without a prescription, salinase. I have not tried using it yet as well as the aspirator.

These are my consolidated advice from experts, other moms and older-experienced friends, and my other "researches".

Sorry for this late post update (power interruption here from 7am till 4pm and I have some important guests to attend to when the power came back). 

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