"Keeping One's Feet on the Ground"

Do you want to stay humble for the rest of your life, then you might want to take some time to read this post, it may somehow remind us of how we must be.

Nobody knows everything except for our almighty God.  One can not boast of his skills or knowledge about knowing something or everything; for instance a medical doctor should not disparage a mechanic nor a weaver. Technically, each is a master in his own field. The doctor and the mechanic is not knowledgeable of the weaver's thing, vice versa. That is the most literal explanation we can cite but it is TRUE, indeed!

Nobody is "all-knowing" that is why we should always think and recognize humility that we complement each other in a lot of different ways than we know but sometimes far from realizing that fact. Guided by this principle, not any one can brag of his abilities and competence, on a particular field of endeavor, MAYBE. But never about everything...

That is why the axiom is "No man is an island..." remains true as always. Everyone is important.  We should not think that we are more important, mightier nor more proficient than others because not only we will feel miserable to accept failures and be envious for a to those who will succeed and on top of that we are lying to ourselves... remember that cancer is now curable but vanity, I can not think of a medicine that can be bought anywhere else to cure it -that is how fatal it is...let us not be one of these hopeless people :)

Even to plants and trees we can not boast - if they are not here, how are we going to breathe - remember oxygen comes from them. But they need us too, we need each other to live - we co-exist...let us keep this in mind.

Here is a verse in the Holy Bible to inspire us more...

Matthew 23:12 
(New King James Version)
12And whoever exalts 
himself will be humbled, 
and he who humbles himself 
will be exalted.

To spell out what the bible says, the one who takes pride of himself and putting himself on top of others shall  be downed/humiliated and the one who never boast of  himself and is always humble shall be lifted...it is really frightening to know that the first phrase could really happen to anyone - it may be in a way that we do not expect it to be.  So take caution.  

The best example of a humble celebrity is our dear boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, he never changed a bit from his humble beginnings until these days that he is world-famous and a man written in the Guinness Book of Records for his achievements.  He is such an  admirable example of modesty.

Life is a lot easier and lighter if we will lift away this "burden" on our shoulders - no stress on struggling to be the best, no bitter feelings just being happy with what others have or might have achieved, accepting the help of others and learn from them.  The world may be a better place to live in - if everyone is humble...

Have a great day everyone..may this inspire us all..thanks a lot for dropping by, I would not be here if you are not there reading my every post, thank you so much unknown friends :) 

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