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A stress-free home environment is essential to a healthy-family living.  We can avoid panics and relieve stress and unwanted moods as well as save our family's health with these few things around.

Here are some important things every home must have:

Medicine Cabinet/Box

Every home must have a medicine cabinet with the following most sought-after medicines and first aid:

1. Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines

    - Paracetamol 
       Tablet for adult and syrup/chew-able for  children.

    - Ibuprofen
      Headache tablets

    - Loperamide

   - ORESOL 
      (Oral Rehaydration Salt)
      Diarrhea may cause dehydration.

   - Anti-histamine 
     (if not in the family sometimes a visitor may have an allergy this
      will be very useful)

    - Prickly-heat powder
       Especially during summer time.
       Kids are the usual victims.

    - Skin-ointment
       For sudden onset of athlete's foot (fungal infection), rashes etc.
       I recommend Triderm/Quadriderm for different types of germs.

2. Wounds/cut First Aid Kit

    - germicidal soap (even in single pack)
    - Betadine
    - cotton balls/buds

3. Alcohol for disinfecting purposes

- I usually put this in the comfort room and a stock/spare in the medicine cabinet.    I recommend buying in large bottle (cheaper) and buy an atomizador (little bottles  with top dispenser) and just replenish every time it runs out.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants  have health benefits. It lessens air pollution at home that is brought about by toxin emission from paints, synthetic fibers, cleaning detergents, gas-fueled home equipment, lead, molds and other harmful substances we never notice existing.

I have this water plant inside the bathroom's window.

Most plants have air-filtering properties that helps eliminate indoor harmful air substances like carbon monoxide(CO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs), benzene(C6H6), formaldehyde(H2CO) and  napthalene (C10H8).

You can have indoor plants in pots standing on the corners/or just in one corner of the living room, in table plant pots  in your center or dining table or even more in vases like the small vase I got on the image above. Or you can have a set of two or three plant pots beside a vacant wall in any part of your house. I found a directory of indoor plants in this link indoor plants that might be useful to you.

Essential Oil Burner

Aromatherapy reduces fatigue,stress and lifts depression . It enhances mood and well-being. You are sure to have a wonderful family time at home if everybody is in good mood. At night, aromatherapy promotes sleep.

Essential Oil Set

-  Oil burner usually made of stone/ceramic

-  Essential oil (I prefer lavender and eucalyptus) serves an organic air freshener.    Your home will smell like in a spa...

-  Tea-light candles
    Choose the unscented ones(the plain white) for cheaper price. And you can use 
    different essential oils no need to buy a match for each scent.  But if you wanted     an exploding aroma, indulge in a scented color-coded tea-light candles plus the     scented oil steaming in your oil burner .

You can find those items listed above in the home section of the department stores where candles and artificial flowers are found.  Here is a link telling about lavender essential oil.

Wall Clock

A working wall clock is very useful to everybody in the family as a time reminder. I recommend a wall-clock that has an hourly alarm that has a night sensor that stops alarming at 10pm till 5am (not bothering you while you are sleeping) and alarms again at 6am and every hour onward. I found that kind of wall clock in Avon.

Spare Batteries

Double A and triple A batteries, a pair of each can save you in times that your wall clock, tv or dvd's remote control even flashlight ran out of battery.

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