The Coin that Speaks Aloud

When I was still a child I used to think that a single peso does not have any worth at all compared to a thousand-peso-bill.  That is how I recognize the value of a thing until my teacher in Camp Tinio High School, Mr. Cesar Legaspi (I had to give him back the credit he deserved) has opened up my mind in a class discussion one day.

 I can not remember the topic  that we are discussing on that moment that brought us talking about the Philippine's one-peso coin.  This story will prove to us that we never have to look at a status to see the value of things.

The one-peso coin circulating in the country today bears the face of the Philippines' National Hero - Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal.  I liked him so much that I even used "Patriot's Daughter" as my pen name in the school paper when I was in college.  So I felt a little sad that he is just seen in a peso coin although the country has this one-thousand paper bill -the highest of our currency's denominations.

Was he(Dr. Rizal) valued that low or was he being belittled by the Central Bank?
 My teacher  asked us (his students) the question "Do you know why Rizal is in the one-peso coin and not in a thousand-peso bill?", I never had a clue and refused to raise my hand to answer. Anyone else in the class have not got a clue. The professor began telling us that what happens if Dr. Rizal's face will just be printed on one-thousand peso bills? Only a few will get to know him, unlike in a peso-coin even the littlest of children around (even the beggars on the streets!) has this one peso - that is the noble reason behind it. 

Oh, I felt humiliation not to have thought about it!  He is right, a child who sees it if curious would somehow ask who is that on the coin.  Rarely  ordinary people have got a one-thousand peso bill in their wallet nowadays. That coin has reached-out to millions of Filipinos that are supposed to know Dr. Rizal, even the out-of-school youth. Because in elementary, lessons on the country's history has mentioned him but if you do not have the chance to go schooling, you will just be left-out.  And that is where the one-peso coin became significant.

It just tells us that no matter how small, that voice can be heard if it speaks of something worthy like the voice of the one-peso coin that has made everybody recognize the patriotism of our national hero.  I will soon write about our beloved Dr. Rizal for my foreign visitors to know him more.

We can relate this one-peso coin to man, do not think low of yourself, you might be small but you can make BIG things; like change. It is up to you on how you would speak like the ultra-famous one-peso coin :) And as the old cliche "Great things start from small" and "A hundred peso bill will not be complete if it lacks a single peso" to you, you are important. You can do better than the one-peso coin has done.

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