How to Use an Oil Burner

Do you want a home that smells like a spa wherein you can relax and de-stress after a long day’s work? Longing for an aromatherapy right in the comfort of your own home?

Here is the very easy step to get the oil burner running:


Oil Burner
Tea-light Candle
Scented Oil (aroma of your choice)
Lighter/Match sticks


1. Fill the Oil Burner’s mini-bowl on top with about ¾ water.

2. Light-up the tea-light candle and place it under the mini-fireplace.

3. Add few drops of scented oil on the water-bowl.

Scented Oil

Wait a few seconds, once the water is heated – it will diffuse the aroma around your home. 

Here is the video:

Feel the goodness of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Ocean Breeze, Wood Pines and other scents available. Stock 2 or more little bottles of it so you can opt for the scent that suits your mood for the day. Eucalyptus is a colds remedy, Citronella is a natural insect (mosquito) repellant. Lavender spells romance. It is for you to discover the scents available in the nearby shopping area J

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Have a great day everyone.

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