Cooking Tip: Peeling Garlic

Hi  moms and sis-friends! How are you today? I have something to share with you, it is about peeling garlic the easier way. Maybe you are tired of doing it one by one because it is taking you that long and it is really complicated. Cut the time and do it the faster way. If you need your garlic in whole cloves, this method is not applicable.

I have to credit this knowledge to an older friend who used to cook for us during occasions when we are still in Daine, Indang Cavite – I remember her name as Sis. Claring –she is always “on call” by many neighbors during birthdays, anniversaries although not a Chef by education she is really a seasoned home cook. I told her I want to help I will just peel the garlic, she let me but she demonstrated to me the simplest and easiest way to do it, short cut.

Here is how she does it:

1. Detach the garlic cloves from their head. Then do it one at a time. 
2. Find the bottom part, cut it off.
3. Press it with the side of the knife. You will see the skin separates automatically.
4. Just pick it up then proceed chopping. 

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