What Keeps Us United in Faith

Being a member of the Church of Christ, I am among the self-sworn followers of the Church Administration.  I have faith that they are always guided by the Holy Spirit – that is why the Church is continuously growing and victorious in all its undertakings. Non-members are confused that despite some controversies in all media, the Church and its members seemed unmoved. The “101st Anniversary” and  the “International Unity Games” are still on-going today, July 27.

The Church does not condemn corruption or any wrongdoings, BUT it remains a MUST that everything has to be in due process – and we as ONE BODY, will not be divided in “parts” having its own brain, our brain is in the head, Christ, not in the hand, legs, torso, back or anywhere else.  

The Church’s policy, as far as I know, is that being a completely  “new being/man

Ephesians 2:15King James Version (KJV)

15 Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace;

  Source: biblegateway.com

in the eyes of our Lord God (Jesus Christ as the head and the church is the body as stated in Colossians 1:18), the Church is centralized.  The BODY must be ONE in mind and in judgment with its HEAD Jesus Christ. That is why regardless of who are involved, those who had made a move of separating the body to factions have been given due PUNISHMENT, removing connection with the Church.We do not have to be a rebel, that pains God. God hates separation among His followers.  Any problem must be brought to the knowledge of its HEAD, Jesus Christ, which is represented in these last days by the Church Administration   and it is always a reminder that along with the Report must be the pertinent evidences to verify any  allegation. 

We are not led by people of this world, we must not be judged by them –Social Media and the internet is NOT the rightful way  of rectifying an issue in the Church, they could offer different solutions and that will just bring more controversies that could somehow weaken those who have fragile faith and could somehow bring life to many factions. What we need is an answer guided by the Holy Spirit, and the Church’s Admin is the single most court possessing that.  If one thinks there is a trouble, he will be heard no matter who he is regardless of his name, economic statute or age as long as the due process is observed and the proper documentation is provided.  The Church members do not seek the help of the government, LGUs, local authorities to patch an issue among its members.  There is a minister assigned in every locale to handle the issues that should be reported to the those who are given the responsibility to bring the matter to the church’s locale admin —consisting of the resident minister and the head deacons (ordinary members with extra responsibility, not ministers) who will deliberate – if it could not be fix still, the District Office is  there to help-out and if still left unfixed, the over-all Church Admin will look into the issue. This is done to delegate responsibilities that would be difficult to be given immediate solution due to the millions of members around the globe IF even minor issues would all be dealt with in the Central Office (e.g. a member not paying his employee that is also a member etc.). And the local overseers are in the-know of the issue within their jurisdiction very well, only when major issues that could not be patched (that is a very rare case) is the time that the Central Office is bothered to give time to interfere with the problem.  That made the Church united and strong, the members are doing each part to heal itself  — and it is always the foremost goal  to RESTORE the peace and unity among the members whatever crisis there is. 

 It does not stop there, the Church Administration, will go out of their way to verify any Report being a vigilant overseer of the Church when the matter reaches the Central Office. The Church does not use “hearsays” as a basis of judgment or —it has to be supported by nothing else but SOLID FACTS. An issue remains to be a misleading hearsay when it is undocumented and unverified, media people know that.

What has happened turned-out to be a mind-opener to everyone, that the Church is not a family close corporation but a RELIGION in its being.  The mother and siblings of our dear Executive Minister EVM were not immune of the policies observed in the Church.God’s words and will are the MOST valuable thing to our leader when family became the rival from what to choose, our dearest Bro. EVM has decided for the Church’s sake no matter how painful it is, being a human. And for that, we are sharing with his pain because we love his family too Brother EVM and believing more that we are very fortunate because he has shown his noble love for the Church and for us, the members.

I hope I have given non-members an idea why I am one of the members who have stayed unaffected of the current issue faced by the Church. I did not represent the Church Admin in writing this post, the message on this editorial is on my own guided by my Faith in them, that they are the God's chosen to lead us. I swear to God my allegiance to the Church Administration along with my family, as long as we live  "Happy 101st Anniversary my dear siblings-in-Christ all over the world! Let us all be steadfast in our faith.
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