How to Make Tastier Slivers (not a recipe, just a tip)

Hi, here's how to make tastier  pork slivers (small chunks of meat combined with an entree).

As we know, pork is a not that quick to soften unlike chicken. What I did before is just boiling it with salt. But I noticed that it did not tasted that good especially in soupy entrees, when you put too much water in boiling.

Here is the better way I have tried:

1. Slice the pork around half-inch thick and in smaller bits.

2. Salt it according to taste and add a little MSG (without the water yet). Mash it.

3.  Put it in a pan with around two-thirds (2/3) cup water and 2 tbsps. cooking oil for the pork  not to stick when the water vaporizes.

4. Let it simmer till water disappears and oil is left, just mix with your ladle till every part is oiled. It would be up to you if you wanted to brown it a little. But it is already flavorful even it is not brown yet.  

Voila! You can saute right there in the pan with your favorite vegies without removing the slivers, just add more oil (if the pork is not fatty) if you want. But if you use pan like that stoneware I used, you can opt not to add more oil. Even you add water in making soup, the slivers tasted good and not bland. Try it at home today!

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