Candelaria Quezon, Hotel and Resort Review


From a scale of 25/25 (5 Heads for a 100%)

Food                              2.5
Room                            3
Surroundings               5
Spa                               4.5
Service                         5
Review Score                                                  20/25


-The surrounding is quite wonderful for kids.  There are a lot of effigies of different cartoon characters to pose with beside the pools - can be a good remembrance in pictures. Kids will be very happy. Surroundings are clean. There are two pools- one for adult and the other for kids.

-The view of the premises is three-fourths amazing because the clubhouse is not yet finished by the time we have been there it is under renovation.


- Overcooked Pancit noodles is served for the welcoming snack for guests’ arrival. First Impression should have been GREATER efforts. NOT QUITE GOOD IMPRESSION for guests that got the resort-hotel fully-booked.

I have not tried the MENU meals YET. NO OPINION on that.

- Buffet Meals Served
Not different with ‘carinderia’ meals prepared by ordinary home cook.

Glasses were placed upside-down the table kissing the tablecloth.

Room Accommodation (Villa)

- Aroma
A little need to freshen-up the room with some oil burner. A little freshly-cave smell when we enter.

- Disorganized
The room is FILLED with FOUR (4) BEDS.  Two with frames, two sofa beds.  Better add more upon guest’s REQUESTS. It maybe a kind gesture on the part of the resort-hotel but we almost lose balance walking on the very narrow space left in the room-filled with beds…I got no idea with the other guests’ rooms.

- Towels and Linens
Must be soaked in fabric conditioner to smell fresh rather than newly-bought and have not been washed yet, especially the bath towel.


- GOOD spa services.

- Workers need to be reminded to behave properly in front of the guests, not chatting very loud with co-workers while servicing the clients.

Hotel & Resort Staff

- They are ALERT when called for, very satisfactory service.
- Friendly

Good customers especially those who fully-book the hotel should have been given the utmost service and satisfaction for REPEAT BUSINESS, would you agree?!

We just stayed there for a very important occasion – that is what we had come for, not the hotel neither the food. But these things need to be said so that the Management can give-in to what is expected from them the NEXT TIME comes around, hoping for a ‘next time’ is impossible if the above problems could not be addressed.

This review bears MY VERY OWN HONEST OPINION and NOT reflecting the view of my fellow guests that day.


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