Anti- Political Dynasty Act

My opinion about the 'Anti-Political Dynasty Act' would be, it is not needed. I am not in favor of any political clan, to clarify, but I agree with VP Binay’s comment in an interview that if the sovereign authority still trusts the seated public official or any member of his family – the people will elect them and if NOT anymore trusted NO ONE can influence their choice whether it is the incumbent's bloodline or anything else.

Let us be open-minded, it is a fact that Politics runs in the blood for many cases. There is a scientific explanation to this; the offspring imitates the behavior or even get fond of the things the parents do being most of the times around with the parents and seeing what they do. In their young minds, although not all children of a politician wanted to try the not-so-clean politics in the country, they wanted to be like the patriarch in the future. Learning is a process and we best learn from application rather than theories like what politicians-wannabe could have learned from taking-up Political Science from a University. The University of Life has it all and being a close family of a politician, it is not impossible that another politician may emerge from that clan.

We might be wasting funds on sessions ratifying that bill when the political candidates could have been left as is. People unconsciously allow it because of the fact that they like how the olds have managed to be of good service to them and they believe that most likely that a kin would be a good partner on propagating that good service and we would be depriving ourselves of good governance once we did not allow them to file certificate of candidacy.

I might consider that one of the reasons MAYBE the bill was conceptualized because of the possibility of corruption. BUT there is no guarantee that non-relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity holding positions is an excuse for corrupt minds NOT to unite for a bad cause. In fact the news were full of these truth about corruption - relatives or not sooner or later they end-up squealing. 

I do not agree that the bill promotes equality when prohibiting and holding somebody to be in public service just because he is a son, a sibling or she is the wife of the incumbent public servant. It is like a cowardly act and camouflage of disqualifying other potential candidates for a particular office position by some other aspirants. Why not give them the fair chance? It is not true that people elect public servants because of their family.  Their performance and moral character are the most likely basis for people to patronize them. Our fellow-Filipinos  have been wiser nowadays - this Act to take effect MAY somehow reciprocate  the value of popularity - and it would be unfair just to disqualify the relatives and family of a public servant then let the sports or entertainment celebrities run. In my opinion, that is where the Act really evolves - on the popularity of the candidate and the higher chances of being elected.  

The clan from where those candidates may come from if not with quite impressive public service records will not reap positive  feedback from  the voting public, why there is a need for such law in case?

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