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This Quote reminds us about being HONEST all the time. And in my almost thirty-six years of  life existence here are the things I have learned about it and I hope it will inspire you :)

Honesty keeps us away from:
STRESS – because we can be spontaneous telling the truth. We don’t need to memorize nor remember what we have to say that most of the times leave us blank, mumbling and putting us in an awkward situation giving us a lot of stress. Stress is not good to one’s health as  we all know.

OTHER PEOPLE’S ANGER – nobody wants to be fooled. Yes, maybe the truth hurts BUT it is not more hurting and even enraging than to hear lies.

DOING INJUSTICE – we are capable of being unjust if we LIE. We tend to give others wrong perception of what things should really be. This is especially true being a faux witness to a crime. Another is plagiarizing, telling that the content is yours  but  you know for yourself that you stole it from another Author – stealing other’s content is doing injustice not just to the Author but to yourself because your own introduction speaks of somebody else’s; your writings represent you. Never COPY and PASTE...

LOSING YOUR DREAM JOB yes, the interviewers know when you do not tell the truth. Your eyes, your actuation, hand movements can send signal unless you don’t know yet. Yes, experts have experiments and analysis and have formulated the gauge that most LIARS exhibit. Most of HR Managers are familiar with it.

BEING UNTRUSTWORTHY – if we don’t tell the truth and soon it reveals itself, we end-up  unreliable and shameful. Afraid of losing your friends, always be truthful in everything you say or do. Your opinion or side will not be asked, you will soon feel worthless having questionable integrity.

I remember the story of “The Man Who Cried ‘Wolf’! ”  – he pretends to have seen one, everybody comes to his rescue and just be fooled so that when the true situation arrived – he was just ignored to his death.

BEING ISOLATEDwe don’t just receive anger by faking, we will be left alone if not now expect on days to come. It becomes a word of mouth to your victims of lies and no one will attempt to TEST you anymore but stay away from you.

DANGER there are situations that need HONEST answers if not, it may pause great danger.

CREATING MORE LIES one lie leads to another until you have built a mountain high.

I hope HONESTY will always be your path in your own life, an attitude and character to impart to your children and to the upcoming generation.

Thanks for reading, I hope to have somehow helped strengthen your long before show of Honesty. If you happen to like what you have read, don’t forget to give it a plus. Re-share it on your favorite social sites, pin it or tweet it.  Thanks a lot for doing that, friends.
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