The Golden Rule Never Fades

Hi, everyone.  I love to discuss quotes here in my blog and one of them I want to tackle is the quote I live by:

That is also the same quote I wanted my children to grow with, "The Golden Rule". Ever since, I can say that I have always put others in consideration before saying or doing anything. 

Being sensitive to what others might feel is the key.  The Golden Rule, I supposed, emanated in the value of "Good Manners and Right Conduct".  You can not practice that rule if you do are not well-mannered.  Let us say you are rude, insensitive, ruthless, reckless, unfriendly, conceited and selfish (it only implies you do not have the manners and the right conduct), it is not possible not to do to others the right thing and to your great evil you are still expecting to be treated the better way and complained if others are not that good to you. It is time to ponder on, are you in the right track of fulfilling the Golden Rule or you are just pretending?!  

It is always easier than done.  And being prejudice to other people's behavior or acts leads us to breaking it. A great example is cursing somebody because he appeared so boastful to you - wait, you never know what its like to be him.  Why? I remember we have studied in Psychology that people tend to create a cover-up to their flaws or shortcomings and one of the mostly used "cloaks" is boasting, right you read it right...others indulge on too much bragging of achievements but when you closely look at him or his life he may be very physically unpleasing (ugly, to be brutal) or he has failed too many times; there is a case of an acquaintance I knew before that I really did not like his over-dressing appearance (like always grabbing attention), I later found out that he was a son of an ex-convict and he never wants people to focus their attention on it that is why in his little-bragging way he always wanted to be praised a lot or be noticed differently although it did not always turned-out as he has expected.  It will be too much for us to judge hastily because of what appears to be seen by our eyes.  We have to dig-in to the roots of the behavior if we also wanted not to be a victim of prejudice people, let us not be one.  Others interchange the Rule with "Karma", almost the same.  

What we have sown is what we will reap...literally speaking, it is! Is it not?!  You plant a good fertile seed you will surely have a good harvest.  When you planted a rotten seed, can you expect magic to do the wonders for you? That is a rhetorical statement, the answer lies within. Idiomatically speaking it is but the same. You do good to other even if you do not expect something in return, it will be rewarded-maybe not by that same person, God has His way of giving back to you in a more subtle way you never imagined :)  The acts of kindness still lives long after the person has died, still remembered and celebrated. You do bad, you will be hated, cursed and be forgotten easily. Even the people you do not have direct contact with have it against you.  But if you were just maligned by somebody else spreading rumors, truth will come to light soon if you are thinking that "Alright, I have never been cruel to others and why I am suffering this or that?". Do not stop walking in the path of the Golden Rule with that, just think that you may have been tried in your Faith. If good things live in your heart, no matter what, you will remain unchanged and steadfast on doing what is right to other people :)

I hope I have given life and justice to this very old "cliche" and let us be inspired of living by the Golden Rule.

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Thanks for your time reading this post.  May we all have a blessed day ahead..

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