Goodbye My Dearest Aunt Dalisay

My aunt Dalisay died last April 15. Tonight is the last of her wake in St. Peter Chapel Commonwealth, Quezon City.  

Above is the only picture I had with my dear aunt, I am maybe four years old on that picture, the whole family was in Manila Zoo as mama told me. Aunt Dalisay is wearing blue dress. That is, from left-to right :my grandmom and Uncle Cardo (who both died earlier when I was younger), Aunt Dalisay (Graduate of a Telephone Operator Course), Aunt Josie (DepEd Manila Employee as of today) and Aunt Celia (Naval Architect), modesty aside, just proud of them all :)

Farewell Tita Dalisay

Goodbye tita Dalisay,
I may not be there today or tomorrow on your interment
But my heart is with you
Your precious smile will remain in my heart
I will remember the days we were together as long as I live

You are very kind and loving
I admire your kindness to me and to all of us, your nieces and nephews
I am so lonely that I can not be there
This is the last night I can see you
I never had even a newer picture of you
But tita, I love you
I hope you will treasure me in your heart too

Tita Dalisay your name matches you
You are as PURE as your name implies
I never regret being a part of our wonderful family
You never stopped lving and caring for me
I want to say thank you for nurturing  my little brother;
For taking care of your brother, my father...
I am sad that I have shared nothing to you
How I wish I can take care of you too!

All I can say again is farewell
You have ran a good battle
You have imparted the thought of kindness and calmness to us

Too late I have never done anything to share my faith with you.
Tita Dalisay, you will never be forgotten...

Thanks to St. Peter's E-burol technology, because of it, I was able to see her for the last time. I am in Quezon Province, guilty that I was not able to come in person to view her remains.  But everything became better when I just clicked and see her:

Rest in Peace, Tita...
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