Commonly Misused English Words

These are just three of the words we used everyday that we never noticed that is wrong:

We called the writing material pentel pen  when it should have been felt-tip-pen. Pentel is a brand/manufacturer name.


We called xerox copy the copy duplicated by a copier when it should have been called  photocopy.  We thought that photocopy is just used for a picture copy when it should be for all kinds of document copied by a machine. Xerox is a brand of copying machine.


We called used items surplus when it should have been secondhand/pre-owned. Surplus is the term used in Economics for over-produced items in excess of production requirement. Surplus items are also called factory over-runs. Most are excess from ordered by direct buyers/re-sellers. The items are still new with tags and have not been used.  That is why the "Surplus Shops" in SM Malls are selling brand-new items even the name of the shop is that.

But daily, words are added in the dictionary.  Let us wait till Surplus definition adds used/secondhand items - because it is widely used nowadays in most shops of secondhand items - like Japan Surplus, Tire Surplus Shops but when you actually buy from them you will notice that the items are not new and if not been worn of previous use is slightly-used.

I hope to have given you a little vital knowledge and would soon use the correct words as mentioned above the next time.  Please plus,  re-share, tweet or pin this article if you think it is helpful:)  

Thanks for reading. Have a great day everyone!

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