CLayArt No.001 3D Clay Cup

Here is a clay masterpiece (because it was made a six-year old) for your children to re-create or copy.  Buy them the "non-toxic" clay set of different colors  and you are actually keeping them glued on their seats while copying the designs I will upload frequently.  We are planning to make videos of it sooner.

"Flower Cup" by Riana Ysobel

I have asked her to re-construct the cup and she came-up with the heart design here, I let her choose the colors:

Step 1:

Mold a clay about a thumb size (any color of your choice)  into a circle, that is for the cup itself.

My daughter's palms with the rounded clay

Step 2:

Insert a pencil in the middle of the circular shaped-clay to puncture it  for the hollow part of the cup.

That's her very own idea, she drilled a hole in it...

Step 3:

Prepare a thin piece of clay of different color as a design for the handle. Shape it like an elongated letter "C" then attached it to the right side of the cup.

She's putting the handle..

Step 4:

Create any design like shapes (circle, heart, triangle) or flower like that on the first image above for the "art on the cup".

This time she made a "heart"...

Voila! That is how simple it is, this can be a good activity for your child's guest on her birthday party.

Supply the "little" guests with small packs of clay and let each of them design his own cup. Then have a photo of each child with his own project and all the cups in a row with the children on the background. I can imagine the fun it would bring :)

Have a great day everyone, watch out for the next clay design ideas...please plus, tweet, re-share or pin it if you like what you have read. Recommend our (me and my daughters') blog on Google by clicking the G+ button on the upper-left part of the HOME page.
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