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Eating the right kinds of food will make us healthy - and will prevent us from getting sick.  I never sacrifice my family's health over budgeting. And I opted not to give them (my children) ALWAYS what they wanted especially if it would give them health risk. And it always rewarding to know that we have not been the regular visitors of hospitals and clinics :)

My favorite cooking oil

It is always a must that I prefer a healthy cooking oil over the cheaper once. Since I have learned from my friend Trix Batumbakal that it is canola oil that her cardiologist recommends, it became an important reminder to me. Most of the home menu is sauteed or fried, that is why the choice of cooking oil is important.

Canola's pricing is just maybe 30% more expensive than unbranded palm oil in the market and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) is good too but it has the taste that for me is only good in cooking tomato-based dishes. Canola has a bland taste like ordinary oil. It has no cholesterol and good for the heart because of it's Omega 3 and 6 content as well as fortified with vitamin A.  I think it is really a better choice, it does not matter if the weather gets cold, there is no lard in my pantry.  The oil remains liquid...a good sign that the oil when ingested may not cause us atherosclerosis (blocking the arteries with cholesterol, calcium and fatty deposits).  It is not just the oil that matters a lot, salt and high-cholesterol foods do not seem to be beneficial to our health.  Salt can become plaque too.

(Arteries - blood vessels that carries oxygen-rich blood to the heart and other parts of the body -NHLBI.NIH.Gov )

thing I saw from a commercial of a milk brand on tv, palm oil repels absorption of calcium from our children's milk.  That is why I prefer canola than branded no-cholesterol palm oil too.

"Fastfood, Fast Life", you may not believe it but it is true because most of their menus are preserved (like the burger patties, french fries, even the sauces for steak or pasta snack) just re-heated.  What keeps those stocks last longer are mostly artificial preservatives if not salt.  It is understandable though, because we can not expect them to serve large number of consumers if their burger patties are just made on-the-spot after the order.  It is really on our discretion how frequent, if not at all be slashed in our plan, we are to be in the fastfood chains.  The children love the ambiance in the fastfood and we see their happiness eating there.  But if we always give-in, their bodies will reap the fruits of it.  And let us be afraid that there will come a time that because of severity of the health condition, medicine has just become their meal.  

These are some of the foods that can help us feel better and be healthier:

Garlic - good for the heart

Ginger - anti-toxins

Leafy vegetables - source of iron, also aids in digestion

Fruits - vitamins, antioxidants, aids in digestion 

Liver - iron

Meat - protein

Rice and Bread - carbohydrates (though if you are not that active refrain from eating a lot of it, it will just become fatty deposits in your body).

We have to be more conscious too with the calories (energy value of food) content of the food we eat.  Activities have their corresponding calories equivalent.  If for example:

sweeping the floor in 15mins. burns 39 calories, source CalorieLab

But you ate a chocolate cake that is 340 calories (3.4 oz) and you have planned to sleep (61 calories/hr.)  the whole day,there is no way you can burn the remaining 301 calories from the cake!  Eating habit must also be dependent on daily activities. Unburned calories will turn into fat www.answers.com.

And we must take note of the food pyramid, see Okinawa-diet.com, on what we need to eat more of and what to eat less.  It is a fact that fats, oils and sweets are listed on the tip of the pyramid, being the littlest we need. The fruits and vegetables on the base, the largest part.

Before medicines become our food, let the food be our medicine...let us eat foods that have beneficial effects on our body and  in the right amount too. 

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