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Everything seemed impossible because of its location (Sibale, Romblon) especially the absence of a port wherein construction materials or equipment can be transported.  God has helped his people thought of a way to construct a makeshift cargo carrier in the form of a raft floated by huge drums.

Another setback is the giant rocks were unearthed on the site.  It took several months to lift them up and a brilliant idea to recycle them to be laid down as among the foundation of the edifice.  The storm Luna has caused devastation in the Island of Sibale, Romblon but indeed is a blessing to the members of the Church of Christ. It  left dead trees that later on served as firewood to aid in solving the problem of gigantic stones. The wind that supposed to have landed in another location farther is like a miracle when IT hit the island as it TURNED BACKWARD from its direction.

The chapel’s architectural structure and engineering plan is CUSTOMIZED for the site’s topographical characteristic.  Unlike the usual steel gate and perimeter fence steel design of other chapels nationwide, theirs is made from cement considering the SALINITY of the air being the site’s proximity to the ocean. Elevation is also among the elements in the construction to adapt to the location, stairs answer the dilemma. 

Brethren from the locale have volunteered in helping the sent construction team expecting NOTHING in return but expecting to glorify our Lord God.

For the convenience of the brethren who accompany their friends and loved ones, a BAPTISMAL POOL is also constructed within the chapel – this prevents long hours of boat travel for baptism of converts.

Seeing the island, you will surprised to see the magnificent chapel nesting, Locale of Sibale, Oriental Mindoro (Ecclesiastical District).  Be more amazed to watch this video:

Pundasyon Episode (Chapel Construction)

INC Engineering & Construction
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