My Favorite Pinoy Singers

Sharon Cuneta

I like her voice even when I am still in highschool, she sings with her heart and she has a melodious voice.Sharon is happily married now to senator husband (KikoPangilinan).  She has a daughter singer-actress KC Concepcion from a previous relationship (Gabby Concepcion) - a very accomplished bachelorette who graduated  abroad. She is a very bankable product endorser in the country. She has done a lot of Box-office hits for movies in the past.  Sharon is a daughter of a politician – mayor. She is known to be kind-hearted, approachable and very sweet.

Sharon is called the Megastar here – being a very good product endorser, box-office hit actress and a popular singer.

Songs by Sharon:

Ngayon at Kailan Man by rhose52's Channel

Lea Salonga

She is my childhood (till now) favorite, I got her cassette tape albums and even bought minus one of each(‘By Heart’ and ‘Lea in Love’) so I can sing like her hehe. Sad that I can’t play  the tapes anymore (cassette player is no longer working).

I even bought her concert CD – that concert is really magnificent, even I was not there to watch it LIVE. The orchestra conducted and directed by her very own sibling Gerard Salongais perfect!

She is very famous not just here in my country, in broadway musical. She got aTony award. You can find her name in Wikipedia. She has now a family of her own, married to Robert Chien with a very loveable daughter.

Others might find her arrogant  in her judging on ‘The Voice – Philippines’(she got few bashers lately) for her mentioning of her accomplishments BUT for me, telling the TRUTH is just being a little proud of it – she is the pride of our country. Boasting is only defined to those who have been EMPTY braggers. She has every right to do it and to my assessment the comments she gave are in a joking manner.

Songs by Lea:

Regine Velasquez

She is tagged as ‘Asia’s Songbird’ for her high pitch voice. You will be enchanted to hear her sing.  She is also a movie actress paired with Robin Padilla, Christopher de Leon (Wanted Perfect Mother), Lately, she had been in a soap opera opposite a young star Mikael Daez.  She can do drama and comedy – she gives justice to both.

She is married to annulled singer-song-writer( I think her first and last boyfriend)OgieAlcasid (former husband of MissAustralia Michelle Van Eimeren) and now a mother to son, Nate.

Regine’s Song:
Angeline Quinto

She is a product of a talent search in the country.  She is from a poor family.  She is linked to Eric santos. She starred in movies too like ‘Four Sisters and a Wedding’ partnered with Enchong Dee. She has become cautious and more educated during interviews unlike before that she is being vexed for her  a little slow-mindedness. I think she is sweet.

Her songs for me are very sad and sentimental – maybe it’s the writer and composer. But she has this ability to extend her feelings on her every song as if she is narrating her own love story-emotional singer.  Her voice sounds like my other favorite Regine V., I even thoughtRegine is singing the first time I hear her song played.  Modesty aside, I can vividly remember and recognize singers like other song fanatics, even if I am not familiar with the song itself.

Angeline’s Songs:

Lovie Poe

Daughter of the late ‘King of Phil. Movies’, Fernando Poe. Jr. She is still single formerly linked to Encantadia star Rocco Nacino and one of the sons of former  Governor ChavitSingson (Miss Universe 2016 sponsor). You can watch her on the soap opera (GMA7) ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’

She has a sweet, soft voice.  At this age, I am liking her songs. The musical arrangement are good. 

Lovie’s Songs:


I like her MTVs, they are very wholesome, sweet and unique. She is a pop star and rocker.

She is married now. She can be seen in daily noontime show ‘Showtime’ judging aspiring singers in TawagngTanghalan. She is not in the movies or acting stints. She and her husband has opened a restaurant with friends.


ZsaZsa Padilla

Beautiful woman who has a daughter with a dentist-Karylle, now a singer, tv host.  She has this very attractive eyes, her MTVs reveal that. 

I like her voice so much although her songs are melancholic.  Her voice brings you to another dimension…you got to hear her sing and be enchanted!

I bought her CD and gave it a gift to a very close friend who likes her too. Some are revivals but you will be surprised to hear her give justice to the songs you will wish to play over and over again.

Songs by Zsazsa Padilla

Jose Mari Chan

If you want music that soothes, choose Jose Mari Chan. The melodies are soft and relaxing, it will make you fall asleep.  I think he writes and composes his songs.  He is really great, you got to know him.  His songs are revived by the likes of Miss Lea Salonga.

Songs by Jose Mari Chan:

Francis Magalona

Now deceased, he died of cancer. He is a responsible family man although really good and young looking. One more thing, he is very nationalistic.  His songs speak of his love of fellow Filipinos and his country.  He is a responsible singer – unlike other rappers, his songs are clean in the sense that they are all sensible, practical and meaningful avoiding foul language. He is tagged as Philippines’ ‘Master  Rapper’ –

Gary Valenciano
Tagged as Mr. Pure Energy, he can be compared to Michael Jackson when it comes to stage moves.

He has this famous ‘scratch’–signature dance move that became synonymous to his name. 

He is a good family man married to AngeliePangilinan- now his Career Manager. His son follows his footsteps (Gab Valenciano).  Gary suffers from Diabetes nowadays but still performing well.

He is among the judges of the talent show ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’.

Songs of Gary V.:

Marco Sison

I think nobody matches the fullness and beauty of Marco Sison’s voice, it is enduring.  He will make you feel in love again. I never get tired of listening to Marco Sison’s voice, it is about time you learn about him – I know most of you, my dear readers are foreigners…

Songs of Marco Sison:

I hope I have shared with you the enjoyment of listening to the music of my fellow Pinoy Singers and you too will become their fans anywhere you are in the world.
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