Most Commonly Misread English Words and Brands

I have thought of the English words which are the most-commonly misread by my fellow-countrymen and maybe of foreigners other than Americans.

Read it as in reading Tagalog/Filipino words. Although I have consulted dictionaries to confirm my little knowledge, I preferred to write how it is read the way we read the letters in the Filipino alphabet.

new = nu/nyu

visage = vi-sij (hitsura, appearance)

In French it is read as = 're-zer-vwa' and became acceptable in the English Language too.

magna cum laude  = mag-na cum law –de (2nd highest honor in academic recognition) not ‘ma-ña
epitome = i-pi-to-mi

restaurant = res-to-ran

Food Matters

bologna = bo-lon-ya

champagne = sham-peyn

lasagna = la-zan-yah ( rectangular pasta/rooflike)

sauté  = so-tey (gisahin)

ala carte = a-la cart (per plate pricing)

blonde = bland

elite = e-lit

repertoire = re-per-twar

Guinea Pig = gi-ni pig

Lenardo da Vinci = Leo-nar-do da vin-chi

choreography = kor-yo-gra-pi

regime = re-zheem

Aphrodite = af-ro-day-ti

Chicago = shi-ka-go (USA)

New Orleans = nu or-lins (US)

Hawaii = Ha-wa-yi

Papua New Guinea = Pa-pwa Nu Gi-ni

Michigan  = Mi-shi-gan (US)

Seoul (South Korea Capital) = sowl

Fashion Brands
Esprit (brand) = Es-prih

Dolce (& Gabbana/vita) = dol-che

Gucci = gu-chih

Avon = ey-von

Deutsch = Doosh

Car (and related) Brands

Chevrolet = she-vro-ley

Lamborghini = lam-bor-gi-ni

Porsche = por-sha

Bentley = bent-li

Renault = Re-nolt

Hyundai = Yun-dey

Daijung = Dey-jung

Please note that a word listed here may have several meanings, only the most common is written.

Thanks to Sis. Joan Capisonda for contributing the word ‘banquet’ on this list.

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Random House Webster’s College Dictionary
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