Why Duterte Won the Presidency

People around the world are a bit shock why Duterte won the presidency. He was showered with black propaganda and a lot of people criticize him for his rumored 'killer' image.  Why still he won the hearts of almost sixteen million Filipinos who voted him in the recently concluded elections.  

My analysis is that he is not the a 'trapo' (traditional politician) who always makes so many promises but if you are going to look at previous accomplishments - there is nothing impressive that can be proud of...and he is VERY VERY honest to the point that he is like an open-book revealing every secrets within.  He never brags of his being playboy but never denies his concubine.  He did not change the way he speaks how ever tactless he is - speaking of bad words not worthy of being a Christian as others might thought of him.  But the good thing  is that, we see who he really is unlike the others who are being playful, tactless plus corrupt behind the eyes of the public displaying image far from what we see as they project in the outside world.

I was impressed when I watched him during the debates, I never thought that he is that brilliant!He is a lawyer. Honestly, I see him as a 'gang leader' before, all-fist and no more BUT after the debates he emerged as a real good candidate to be the next leader of this land. He is not just sturdy, but witty! Possessing a will power that made Davao City a peaceful community bagging the fourth rank in Asia.

His promise of combating elevated crime rate in the country in just six months must not be a dream at all hearing his 'Barangay level approach' - even drug pushing will sure be a  good target.  He stressed the need for the small drug couriers that sell among students and youngsters to be the foremost on his list. He loves the youth that  he also wanted to impose curfew all over the country.  I think that it would not just save them from trouble but also this would create big impact on criminality because most of the crime culprits are youth offenders. The authorities can start from those curfew delinquents on catching possible criminals.  I can say that the country is now living in fear specially in Metro Manila that even taxi drivers are being victimized by the killer-hold-uppers what more the women and children that have been the victims in the daily newspapers.  

Philippines has a recorded growth in the Call Center Industry (creating thousands of jobs-but exposing those workers to risk having late night or early dawn shifts) and the outgoing administration had not done something to improve the situation. Sustainable development must be a goal, it could not be maintained with the simultaneous crime progress.  

We can also expect economic growth because investors will not anymore be afraid of being victims of kidnapping-for-ransom IF President Duterte will empower the police force (increasing their salary -also as he said to avoid them being involved in corruption).

Anyway the presumptive president promises to be a little cautious with his words now that he will not just be a mayor to represent a small town/city but the whole nation.  I can see that he can do it, I saw that during the debates - he is so calm and relaxed. He still can contain himself. 

I also saw him crying in the news - on the grave of his mother showing the soft side of him.  Let us forget about the rape-joke he uttered, anyway he is not rude in 'action'- one girl-group has proven that when they visited Davao as guest performers in an occasion- they even said the mayor had never even joke rudely or gave them an indecent proposal unlike the other politicians they met during their shows out-of-town. 

Let us see this coming months. Good luck and more power to President Duterte.
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