The Simple Beauty of Bougainvillea Flower

Everywhere I go, I see different-colored Bougainvilleas -white, baby pink, fuschia pink, light orange what else am I forgetting? And there are these local variety having smaller and flat-curved petals while the imported ones has this bigger and pointed flower petals. There is also these varieties that have few petals and the other has lots of.

I love the houses with garden surrounded by them. These flowers' vine are sometimes arched on gate and also decorated the fences of some huts and bungalows I see around. How lovely! I seldom see one without a flower. And they can be planted and let the nature nurture them. They are still that nice but maybe even better if cared for personally.

Beautify your surroundings with these pretty easy-to-find plant...we have experimented it too as water bonsai...I have articles here on making your water bonsai, hassle-free- no hard-to-find materials needed Water Bonsai 1 and Water Bonsai Update

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