Family's Travel Essentials Guide

The minute that your family plans to travel away from home for more than an hour trip, things must be well-prepared for a stress-free getaway and the list goes something like this (in no particular order) :

1. Anti-dizzy medicine/Ammonia Essence or White Flower

I recommend “Bonamine” chewable kids tablet, and there is for adult if you need to. It shall be taken thirty minutes before departure.

2. Sturdy Plastic Bag

It would play like a “spill bag” when somebody in the car/bus feels vomiting. No need to stop the ride - it is okay, but if you are in a PUV (public utility vehicle) that would be a trouble to other passengers except if you can wait till the bus stops on the designated stopover.

3. Tablets or Game Pads/E-book/Relaxing CDs

Most children forget to mind the long-trip with something to get occupied with. Be sure it is fully charged (when in PUVs) and bring a car charger in case the battery gets low if you are travelling with your own car.

The latest hits on the radio playing on your car stereo (RNBs) will make everybody feel relax and sleepy on the trip.

4. Snacks/Food

Better bring not too oily or flavorful snacks (junk foods), this will lessen chances of vomiting. Unflavored crackers, bread and semi-sweet treats like tarts will be better.  Besides, the onions or other strong flavor aroma of some food will lounge in your car and another reason to make the children (and even you!) feel uncomfortable and later causing to vomit.

If planning to bring lunch, avoid packing easy to spoil foods (those with tomato sauces and mayonnaise) - just bring fried/broiled ones if possible (broiled food should be eaten first, it may not last that long. Soupy dishes are not advisable too because of the handling, it may put you in wiping the spills and end-up tired and smelly). Do not pack left-over rice, hot steamed rice is the best, just open the lunch box a little for the heat escape to avoid it being bath on steam /wet and soon may get spoiled too.

5. Drinking Water

Yes, water is still the best to bring-along instead of juices and sodas.  In a cool ice box would be a lot better (esp. here in the Phils., it is summer time.  Not only because bottled water in solo packs are not practical to buy (they cost 10x or more expensive than it is when bought in larger containers) it would be a hassle to stop by a store just to buy water and believe me you will spend more than buying a drink - you and especially the kids will be tempted to buy some other stuff, very impractical for "budgeting" parents.

6. Wet Tissue/Facial Tissue or Toilet Paper

This is better than bringing a dry face towel and washing to wet it, to freshen-up. It is also equally important to bring dry tissue.

7. Bubble Gum Air Freshener

I recommend bubble gum freshener, smells a lot better than flower-scented fresheners just sweet. This will lessen chances of getting dizzy.

8. Throw Pillows

Most children get sleepy while on a ride, a pillow on your lap will help.  Although, it is always advisable to be awake on trips (I heard it as advice in a Reality TV Documentary) –most of the road accidents most badly hurt/casualties are sleeping passengers. Some naps in between will do.

9. Toiletries

-         Toothbrush/toothpaste, plastic cup
-         liquid soap (small bottle)
-         alcohol(small bottle –atomizers will help)
-         hand/face towel to dry-up
-         pantyliners/sanitary napkins

10.  Digital Camera or Video Camcorder

Document the trip by taking photos of landmarks and just everything you find amusing on your way J Kids might love to do this too. Be sure that your camera is fully-charged or bring a spare battery to get you going .

11. Changing Clothes

Clothes to change on, sometimes we want to change “costumes” for the pictures …undergarments are must-haves too.

12.  Important 
Not on the list are the things you personally need for the place you are going, the proper costumes/attire (like swimsuit etc., depending on your destination). 

Have a stress free trip ahead for your whole family. Thanks for reading.

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